I'm A Poet And I Know It

I'm A Poet And I Know It

This is actually a poem I wrote about the seasons. If you must know, I am a complete sucker for poetry and literature, and am often told I am amazing at writing poems and stories. I decided I'm going to put this one on Quibblo (and possibly more, if enough people like it), and see how it does. Also, please, no haters. If you don't like poetry or hate my poem, that is fine with me as long as you don't give me a hater comment. Thanks and I hope that you enjoy my poem!

Chapter 1


Spring is like a little songbird
Regenerating the earth with the melody of a rainstorm
Giving life to the plants and trees
Stirring new green leaves with its gentle wings

Summer is like a ferocious lion
Golden and glowing, prowling the horizon
Beating down on the ground with its heated rage
Departing with the evening sun, and leaving tiny sparks in its wake

Fall is like a lone wolf
Leaves changing to the color of its solemn amber eyes
Rustling the leaves as it chases its prey
Raising its voice in an eerie howl as it honors the moon

Winter is like a frozen wasteland
Crisp, cool, and bitter
Stark white, with a haunting emptiness
Deprived of the life soon to come


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