Strange yet Beautiful Part 2(Remus Lupin love story)

Hola this is part 2 of my Remus Lupin Love story <3
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Chapter 1

Chapter 2 The utterly complete strangers

I saw the boys and then the guy with the stormy gray eyes said, "Hello gorgeous what's your name?".
"Juliette Smith nice to meet you."
The boy with the scars pulled out a book and started to read. I said "What book os that?"
"Oh it's the chronicles of Narnia." He said shyly.
"I love that book what part are you on?" I said excitedly.
"The part where Lucy meets the Fawn." He said with more courage.
The others looked at us with curiosity. The the guy with the glasses said, "Can somebody tell me what's going on?"
The guy with the grey eyes said, "Does she even know who we are?"
I replied "No, and can I please sit with you guys all the compartments are full."
The guy who has a good taste in books said, "Hi I'm Remus Lupin, the with the glasses is James Potter, the one with the messy hair is Sirius Black, and the one over there is Peter Pettigrew."
"Thanks if you didn't know I'm Juliette Smith 5th year transfer from a french all girl wizarding school."
They all looked happy and James said, "Were 5th years too! We are in Griffindor. Do you know the houses?" I shook my head. He continued, "They are Griffindor (which are the best) Slytherin (the creepy evil guys) Ravenclaw (the overly nerdy bunch) and Hufflepuff (the friendly people who we prank too often)."
"That a girl!" James and Sirius said.
Then this girl came in and said, "Potter you guys you better get dressed-who are you?" She said pointing a finger at me.
"Juliette Smith 5th year transfer from the french school."
"Pleasure to meet you hope your in Griffindor!"
"You better get changed we will be arriving soon!"
"Okay. Bye wait, what's your name?"
"Oh sorry it's Lily Evens."
She turned on her heel and left. I looked at them and raised my eyebrow. "Where do I change?"
"We pull the shades down and change in here you can too, we'll shut are eyes." Remus said.
"Thanks who's changing first?"
"You can first." Sirius winked.
I started to get my uniform out. I raised my eyebrow at them and they automatically shut and covered their eyes. I got changed quickly and tried to tie my tie but failed. I said, "You can open your eyes now." They quickly opened their eyes. They looked at me trying to tie my tie. Then Remus said, "Want me to tie that for you?"
"God yes!"
He tied it for me and told me to turn around and shut my eyes while they got changed.Then we talked the rest of the way to Hogwarts.
Then finally we made it to Hogwarts! I ran out of the compartment and to Hogwarts ready to get sorted.
To be continued
(Hey guys It's me the author speaking comment and tell me what house Juliette should be in! I would gladly like if you do it please! I don't know what house she should be in! Thanks for all your reads!)


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