Caught between in the middle (Nick & Mikey love story)

Caught between in the middle (Nick & Mikey love story)

So ya since I'm an ICONiac fan I decided on doing an ICONic Boyz love story. Since I have a really huge crush on them espeically Nick!!!!
So read the story comment or rate and enjoy!!! What am I forgetting??.....oh ya!...
I LOVE YOU ICONIC BOYZ!!!!!!!!! (srry I just had to say that) :-)) :-D :-p

Chapter 1

Character Info.

Name: Crystal Anderson.

Age: 15.

Birthday/ born: NY, Brooklyn/ August 2.

Looks: long dark-brown wavy hair, hazel eyes, tan skin, slim curve body.

Personality: fun, funny, shy, hard-headed, soft on the outside but tough in the inside, bold, wise, friendly, cute, pretty, tomboy, creative.

Friends: ICONic Boyz, Anna, Tom, Latavia.

Family: mom (Sarah), dad (David), little brother (Ryan), little sister (Claire).

Parents jobs: dad (David) a police cop/ detective, mom (Sarah) a house make-over designer.

Hobbies/ interests: skateboarding, drawing, plays drums & guitar, is an average singer, loves hanging out with friends, used to be a dancer (that's her dream job!).

Background: when Crystal was 5 years old she wanted to be a professional dancer so her mom signed her up in a dance studio close to her house. She learned to dance to hip-hop, pop, salsa, and tango, and she fell madly in love with dancing. But 4 years after that, her dad (David) got into a really bad shotting attack when he was on a stake-out, he was shot 2 times on the chest and was kept in the hospital for half a year. So Crystal had to quit the dance studio inorder to help her family (her mom was pregent with Claire at that time) with money, help rasie her little brother and help with her parents medical problems. So after 6 years past Crystal is 15 now and moves to New Jeresy because her dad was reassigned to the New Jeresy Sheriff Department, and still misses her dancing career.

Love triangle: Nick, & Mikey.

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