Things To Do When You Are Bored

Chapter 1

A few things to do

1- Write a book or fanfiction!
Even if you are a bad writer, it doesn't really matter. The story can even be really short, or if you're a good enough writer, you could even post it on sites like quibblo!

2- Read a fanfiction on is a great site to read fanfiction, and there are many talented writers on that site, with millions of entertaining stories.

3- Roleplay
You can roleplay by texting with a friend, or even in real life! Roleplaying is very entertaining most of the time.

4- Get a new skill
You could get a new skill in something like drawing, singing, or if you have some cash, you could even buy a musical instrument and get a new skill!

5- Create A Hideout
You could bring a friend along somewhere, such as in a forest, and you guys could build a fort. This would take a while, but at least it would keep you entertained!

6- Watch random funny videos on Youtube
There are alot of funny vids on youtube, and I'm sure you'll be laughing after a few videos!

7- Invite Some Friends Over And Play Truth Or Dare
Even if you can't think of any truth or dare idea's, their are varius truth or dare free games online that give you the dare and truth instead of you having to think of one.

8- Download A MMORPG game
There are various free MMORPG games for download, and I'm sure most of them will keep you entertained. A good MMORPG I reccomend is Rusty Hearts.

9- Host A Slumber Party
On Friday Or Saturday, invite a few friends over for a sleepover. At the sleepover, you can play truth or dare, watch a movie while eating popcorn, play some video games together, and many more!

10- Spy On Someone
Try spying on a sibling or parent, and see if you can find out anything interesting. But don't get caught

This is a group story, if you want to write the next chapter to give people more things to do, message me or comment!!


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