Change Of Heart - A Original Fantasy Group Story

A group story between me (awesomeness12345) and you_dont_know_me

Chapter 1

Character Info.

Mine (awesomeness12345)
Name- Zahra Fellis
Age- 15
Personality- charming, cute, funny, protective, everybody loves her, intelligent
Looks- light brown long wavy hair, bright blue eyes, light tan, dresses vintageish but in style, long legs
special powers/abilities- seductive, charmer, mind reader
Type- Angel

Name Mary Black
Age 16
height 5'8
Personality nice,loyal,kind,charming,funny,sneaky,brave,smart,wise
Looks Tan skin Light green eyes with blue flecks Raven colored hair
special powers/abilities really fast good hearing good eye-sight can become invisible has power over fire and water. Can hold breath for over a week.
Type Elf
Pet Wolf named Alice
Outfit Jeans and t-shirt with a gray jacket(wears black dark blue and dark purple)

stay tuned for the first chapter

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