The Crossover! (Pokemon/Eternal Sonata)

"I cross the bridge between-- two franchises!?"~/Fellow reader/

"Keep calm, and get used to the world you're in now, darn it!" ~/My friend outside of Quibblo/

Chapter 1

Shut Up, You Don't Use Swords.

Pokemon World: Sinnoh region... Route 204(?)...


Dawn's P.O.V...

I can't believe I am the one who suddenly has to do this... Pearl isn't helping me at all!

Some strange people appears out of nowhere (They know nothing about Pokemon!), and then Danime goes off somewhere else. She hasn't even told me where she went. She just... disappeared.

Seriously though, these people don't even know what Pokemon are, or what the basics are. It's simply ridiculous!

The 16-year-old boy, Allegretto, had a bit of trouble on the Pokemon types. A 14-year-old girl, Polka, had trouble with having Pokemon attack other Pokemon. The 8-year-old boy, Beat, didn't do anything except for taking pictures on an odd-looking camera. The camera looked like something from way back when...

They were practicing battling Pokemon. At first, they took out weapons! It was quite horrifying! They didn't get the concept of battles! They said it was regular for carrying weapons, but... It was only a cute, little Shinx!


A wild Shinx appeared out of nowhere. Allegretto quickly pulled out a one-hand sword.

"Shut up, you don't use a sword!!!!!!!" Pearl had said to Allegretto at the beginning. He looked irritated and shocked.

"What else are we supposed to do then!?" Allegretto asked, putting the sword away. Polka approached the Shinx, kneeled down, and pet it gently.

"Ugh, you people are so stupid!!!!!" Pearl exclaimed loudly. At least no people were around. "First this guy takes out a sword, and now this girl is petting a Wild Pokemon!!!!!! I MEAN LIKE, WHAT THE HECK!?!?!"

"Pearl, calm down, please," I pleaded. Polka looked very disappointed, and close to tears. "Please don't mind my friend. He is often rude."

Pearl couldn't argue with that.

--Flashback ends--

I need to find Danime. That's my task right now.

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