Apocalypse (A Camp Half-Blood Group Story)

Congratulations, you have found the second clue! So now you should know how the treasure hunt works, eh?

Second Clue:
Find the story I made where Haymitch isn't Katniss's and Peeta's mentor.

Chapter 1

Kevin POV

"Hurry Kevin!"
I ran harder than i ever did in my life, willing myself to jump over the boundaries of Half-Blood Hill.

From behind came the chittering of my pursuers.
"Dont look back, keep going!" yelled Danielle from inside the camp boundaries.
With a roar, I leaped over the boundaries and somersaulted safely into the camp's magical boundaries.

"Thank Zeus you're safe!" Danielle said, letting out a sigh of relief.
I wrapped my arm around her shoulders and looked back up at the sky. "Thanks Dad."
Turning back around, Danielle and I stared grimly back at the army of the undead that had come so close to making me one of their own.
Rivera slammed her hand onto the table.
"This is serious!"
All the camp counsellors were gathered in the rec room.
The Stoll Brothers, Pollux, Katie Gardner, Jake Mason, Drew, Clarisse and Will Solace.
The only counsellors who weren't there was Percy Jackson, (who was still Missing In Action) and Annabeth Chase, (who was still travelling in San Franscisco searching for her boyfriend).
As soon as Danielle and I entered the room, Rivera let out a sigh of relief.

"Thank the gods you two are here, its apocalyptic out there!" she said.

"Believe me, I know." I said.

"How did the quest go? Did u manage to find Chiron?" Rivera asked.

"No..." i said. All the counsellors looked down. In good times, the rec room would be a place of fun and enjoyment. There would be lots of partying and laughter, lots of Cheez Whiz and Diet Coke. Now the place was more solemn than a funeral.

I couldn't blame them.
Just last week, we had managed to hold Manhattan and Percy Jackson defeated Kronos. But within that course of a week, things became much much worse, so much worse that I almost felt compelled to go back to the Titan War.

First, Percy Jackson disappeared without a trace. No note, no sign, no word. Annabeth went crazy searching for him and left to search in San Fransisco for him.
Then, came the zombies.
For some weird reason, despite clearing the air with his brothers and treated respect by the other Olympians, Hades decided to wage war against Olympus. Perhaps he waged war because he suspected Zeus responsible for the abduction of his son, Nico.
When Hades waged war, he went full-out. He unleashed an enormous army of undead onto Manhattan and they charged Olympus.
It was, well to put it straight to u, a zombie apocalypse.

In the past few days, all the surviving demigods out there had straggled their way to Camp Half-Blood.
Hades was currently swarming his undead army across Manhattan in search of his son Nico. It was a battlefield out there.
The Olympians, who were still battle-weary from battling Typhon, had to once again choose sides in the Hades-Zeus war.

On Zeus's side was Artemis, Apollo, Hera, Hermes and Hephaestus.
On Hades's side was Poseidon, Ares, Demeter, Persephone.
Athena was not playing any sides and Dionysus was still buried in rubble from when he was hit by Typhon.

Chiron had left on a diplomatic mission a couple days ago to try and resolve the war. He hadn't been heard from since.
Rivera had taken over camp counsellor and director while Annabeth and Chiron were gone.
The stress of taking charge of a whole camp was clear on Rivera's face.
She didnt look as if she'd slept for a week, which was kind of true. She had wrinkles and eyebags, making her look more like an old woman than a teenager.

Rivera sighed as I told her about how my mission to find Chiron had failed.
"Oh well, I guess there's only one thing left to do to end this war," said Rivera.

"What?" I asked.

"You need to consult the Oracle." said Rivera.
Rachel Dare was seated in the dining pavilion, showing her parents around.
Ever since the apocalypse, Chiron issued an order for Camp Half-Blood to bring their parents to camp to hide out from the zombies.
So far the only mortals who were able to make it to Camp Half-Blood safely without getting turned into zombies were Rachel Dare's parents and Annabeth's family.
I guess when you've got a dozen spare helicopters and few hundred machine guns standby, it's pretty easy to get past a ginormous horde of zombies into a magical camp for Olympian spawn.

Annabeth's family had managed to arrive on camp just yesterday on their helicopter.
Mr and Mrs Dare had arrived unconscious.
Funnily enough, they had refused to believe Rachel's explanations about the apocalypse and she had only managed to get them inside camp by having Blackjack kick them in the heads.
Even inside the camp boundaries, Mr and Mrs Dare still had trouble believing that demigods existed and their daughter often spewed green prophecies.

"Hey Rachel." I called as I walked over.

"Hey Kevin." she said gloomily.

"Listen, um, I hate to tear you away from your parents' tour, but I'm gonna need a prophecy." I said.

"A prophecy to resolve the war? I was wondering when this topic would come up." Rachel sighed.

I waited as Rachel guided her still-in-shock parents back to her room in the Big House.
Finally, after much coaxing and "But Rachel"s and "No, please"s and "I have a press conference tomorrow!"s, she finally got them in the room and returned to me.

"Alright, I've never tried summoning a prophecy on purpose yet, as u may have noticed given the sudden apocalypse i havent had time to practice. But i think i should be able to do it." she said.
Rachel closed her eyes for a moment, and when she opened them, they were serpent green.
When she spoke, her voice was tripled, like three Rachels were talking all at once.

"Four half-bloods travel in a band
To stop the dead that walk the land
One will die by a sister's hand
One will be part of a revenge plan
To stop the hordes of the undead
One will lie on her deathbed
To storm or fire the world must fall
Lost friends to answer the call"

With a tired hiss, Rachel collapsed.
Lunging out I grabbed Rachel just before she fell.


I dropped Rachel in surprise as Rivera and Bryan came out of the shadows.

"We're having a meeting in the rec room to discuss your prophecy." Rivera said.
Why was she glaring at me like that?

"Uh ok." I said.
Rivera stalked off into the night.
"What was that about?" I asked Bryan as I helped Rachel into a seat.

Bryan, who was a son of Hades and a brother of Nico, shrugged.
"No idea." he said. "C'mon, let's go to the rec room. I have something important to share with everyone."
After recounting my prophecy, Bryan stood up.
"Before we decide about Kevin's quest, I'd like to report my findings about that quest i went on a couple of days ago."
Everyone turned to look at Bryan.

Three days ago, Bryan had gone to the Underworld to plead with his father to stop the war.
Now, Bryan told the counsellors that his father had refused to stop the war and had even set a bunch of bloodthirsty minons on him.
But as I observed Bryan, i couldnt shake the feeling that he was hiding something about the details of his quest.

"Okay, so i guess we'll have to assign a quest to try and stop the war." Rivera said, dragging her hand over her face, looking fatigued.

She turned to me.
"Kevin, do the lines of the prophecy mean anything to you?"

I stood up.
"Well, one particular line struck me as odd. Rachel said "To storm or fire the world must fall" Isn't that a line from the prophecy of Seven?"

Rivera tiredly considered this.
"Maybe. But i suggest you dont dwell on this too much. Just choose three companions for your quest and then go."

I was startled by this.
Rivera was normally very strategic and was always a big thinker. If she didnt think a prophecy line was important and if she wanted me to "just choose three companions" and "then go", it proved that she was really tired.
I'd never seen this side of Rivera before.

"Um, ok." I said.
I looked at Danielle. She was already strapping on her amor.
"You'll come along, won't you?" I asked.
"Of course." she said, matter-of-factly, but I caught a hint of a smile playing on her lips.
"Bryan, I'll need you too. If we have to, we might need your power over the undead against the zombies." I said.
Bryan nodded, grinning. "I'm all over that!"

I opened my mouth, ready to choose the next member of the quest party, when all of a sudden, a large golden glow flooded the room and nearly knocked me off my feet.

Everyone started murmuring in surprise and averting their eyes. I felt a hand grab mine and when the gold subsided I saw Rivera standing next to me, her hand gripping mine with a vice-like grip.
She was staring stock-still at the new arrival who had just entered the rec room in a blast of godly power.

"DAD?" she gasped.
The god, Ares, didnt even look at Rivera.
Instead, he turned to me with a growl.

"You! You better be taking my daughter along! Or I'm gonna punch your face in!"

P.S remember i need 3 authors to take over Rivera, Bryan and Danielle POV in that order. Comment below to take over a POV. Thnx :)

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