Apocalypse (A Camp Half-Blood Group Story)

Congratulations, you have found the second clue! So now you should know how the treasure hunt works, eh?

Second Clue:
Find the story I made where Haymitch isn't Katniss's and Peeta's mentor.

Chapter 2

Rivera POV

"But Dad," I started, "I'm busy here! I'm trying to keep the camp from falling apart!"
Ares pointed at Clarisse. "You're in charge now," he told her, "Rivera, you're going. End of discussion."
He disappeared, leaving my armor in a pile on the floor. I noticed everyone was staring. And I was still holding Kevin's hand. I rapidly let go of Kevin's hand. "WHAT?" I yelled.
Everyone stopped staring, but I could see the smirk on Drew's face. I gave her a death stare as I strapped my armor on and strapped a couple of knives to my belt. It was strange. I was one of the few sixteen-year-olds that didn't care about the zombie apocalypse, but now that it was reality, I was one of the ones dealing with it. Irony in one of it's purest forms.
As Kevin, Bryan, Danielle and I left the rec room, we grabbed our jackets. My overlarge black jacket fit over my armor perfectly. Danielle's denim jacket on the other hand, refused to fasten.
"If you'd wear a normal jacket like everyone else, you wouldn't have this problem," Bryan told her.
"It doesn't matter. It's not too cold out," Danielle replied, giving up on her jacket.
We flew above the hordes of zombies on pegasi. I had taken off my helmet and put my headphones on, blasting Paramore as loud as my iPod's volume would go. I always have my iPod and a pair of headphones with me in case of emergency. Music is like an energy drink to me, so flying above zombie-infested New York towns, the cold spring air in my face and music in my ears, I was finally waking up.
It was hours later when we finally crossed the state line into Ohio and landed by Lake Erie. The Pegasi were on the verge of collapsing, and I'm guessing we were the same. Even after hours of Paramore, Avril Lavigne, and Fefe Dobson, I was as tired as ever. Danielle slid off her Pegasus, practically kissed the ground, and shouted, "LAND! I LOVE YOU!"
I pulled off my headphones and pulled four slightly squished granola bars out of my pocket. I tossed one to Kevin, one to Bryan, one to Danielle, and ate the last one.
"How long do you think we'll be able to stay here?" I asked.
One of the Pegasi's ears stood up. She snorted nervously, then bolted. The other three flew away as fast as they could, spurred on by nervous energy. Then we saw why. The zombies had found our location and were closing in from all sides. Well, all sides except one.
"Can you control them?" Kevin asked Bryan.
"There are too many!" Bryan responded, "There's only one thing we can do."
He pointed behind us. We all turned, looked at each other, then ran along the dock we'd been standing on and jumped into the freezing waters of Lake Erie.
My armor pulled me down. Water quickly seeped through my coat, my Camp-Half-Blood t-shirt, the long-sleeved camouflage t-shirt I had on under my camp shirt, and my cargo pants. I tried to kick my shoes off the way I'd learned in my swimming lessons, but Converse hightops are notoriously hard to pull off without being untied. I did my best to swim to the surface, but just then something grabbed my leg and started pulling me down.
The last thing I saw before blacking out was my friends surfacing.

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