Apocalypse (A Camp Half-Blood Group Story)

Congratulations, you have found the second clue! So now you should know how the treasure hunt works, eh?

Second Clue:
Find the story I made where Haymitch isn't Katniss's and Peeta's mentor.

Chapter 3

Danielle's POV

We all jumped into Lake Erie. All because of those damn zombies.

I knew that I had to help my friends stay afloat because we were all in battle armor. I also had to get us a ride.

I plunged into the freezing cold water, immediately soaked to the skin. I opened my eyes under the water, breathing normally. I willed a message to be sent through the water, asking hippocampi to come and help us.

Then I hurried and sent bubbles of air to surround Bryan and Kevin. They started to float to the surface, able to breath normally.

But then I looked down and saw that Rivera was being pulled down by something I couldn't see. I swam there fast as I could, pulling my Celestial Bronze knife out of my boot and started hacking at the...jaw? It was a jaw attached to a head...damn. Hydra.

I didn't care. I chopped off the head, gave an air bubble to the unconcious Rivera, sending her up to the surface even though I knew that the Hydra would just get more heads.

And damn, was I right. I shot to the surface of the water, hearing the hippocampi arrive just as two new heads started to sprout from the Hydra's stump of a neck.

I broke the surface and saw my friends each on a hippocampus, who were very jittery. Rivera was still uncouncious, but it looked like Kevin and Bryan had strapped her to the other hippocampi.

"Danielle, what the hell did that to Rivera's foot?" Kevin asked worriedly.

My lady, the Hydra will be after us! We must hurry! Rainbow said in my mind nervously.

"I know, I know." I said, mounting Rainbow in a flash. "I'll explain later, Kevin. Let's go guys!"

The hippocampi sped through the water like a bullet from a gun. We skimmed the surface of Lake Erie, rushing to get as far away from the Hydra and the zombies as possible.

(here's what she looks like: http://www.polyvore.com/danielle/set?id=63599125#stream_box)

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