Apocalypse (A Camp Half-Blood Group Story)

Congratulations, you have found the second clue! So now you should know how the treasure hunt works, eh?

Second Clue:
Find the story I made where Haymitch isn't Katniss's and Peeta's mentor.

Chapter 5

Rivera POV

I felt like hell. Something had bit my leg and tried to drown me, and my iPod had been ruined. I stabbed another hellhound with my knife, taking out my anger on the beasts. Then, once they were all dead, we all just started laughing. I don't know why. Everything just seemed so damn funny. We were wet, cold, tired, hungry, and surrounded by dead animals, but we were alive. That was all that mattered.

"We should probably sleep," I said, "Since I just had a 'nap', I'll take the first watch."

"Okay, you sure?" Kevin asked.

"I'll be fine."

I shouldn't have said that. With no music to keep me awake, and the fact that I had less than 24 hours of sleep the entire week, I should've known better than to take the first watch. I fell asleep a few minutes after everyone else.
"Why is the world upside down?" I heard Danielle say as I woke up.

She was right, either the world was upside down, or we were. Something cold was wrapped around my ankle, and my hands were tied behind my back. I opened my eyes more and saw why. Our camp had been discovered by cyclopes. The four of us were hanging upside down by our ankles from trees. Smoke wafted over to us from a campfire where three cyclopes, eating the last of the hellhound carcasses.

Bryan simply yawned and created a gash in the earth, which the cyclopes and their fire fell through into the Underworld. Then the gash closed.

"Thanks," Kevin said.

"Sure," Bryan replied, "Now get us down."
Something dark flew overhead. It had green skin, wings, and was wearing armor.

"What's that?" Danielle asked as it landed in front of us.

"Judging by the fangs, I'm going with a Ker," I said. I was greeted with three blank stares. "Hello? Ancient Greek warrior goddesses of violent death. AKA, a form of vampire. Sometimes they're also called 'The Dogs of Hades'."

"Greetingssss half-bloodssss," she hissed with a vicious, fanged smile. Three other things landed behind her.

"Are those the very koalas I read about?" Bryan asked.

"We are called vrykolakas, you fool mortal!" One screamed.

"So how do we beat these guys?"

"I have no idea."

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