We Were Made For Each Other

Michael Nesmith :3

Chapter 1


“OK Lizzie, have a nice day!” my mother smiled as she drove off in her station wagon, abandoning me at the front steps of my new elementary school. I adjusted the straps on my skinny 11 year old shoulders and walked in side East Huston Elementary School to room 5-C. There were 23 other children in my fifth grade class, and I stood there nervously in the doorway, looking for a spot to sit as I clutched my Elvis lunch box to my chest. I twirled my blonde pony tail with my other hand and continued to eye the room. Everyone was talking about their summers, trying to one up the other one. The girls were talking about their vacations and the boys were talking about the awesome things they learned at scout camp. I stood there, shaking, not knowing who to approach, what to say, or do. The teacher stood up out of her seat and told everyone to take their seats. I looked over to the right side of the room and there was an open seat next to a tall boy with short brown hair. I quickly tucked my things into my cubbie and took the seat next to him. He had a small smile and nice brown eyes. He was wearing a red and orange flannel shirt and jeans. I sat in my desk wearing my jumper and Mary Jane’s as I nervously picked at my fingers.
“Hey I’ve never seen you before!” he said when he turned toward me.
“Yeah, I’m new” I muttered as I shuffled in my chair.
“You got a name?” he asked.
“Yeah, it’s Lizzie”
“Well hi Lizzie, I’m Michael”
“Nice to meet you” I said quietly.
“We should be friends!” He said enthusiastically.
“OK” I smiled as I perked up a bit
In that fifth grade class room Michael Nesmith and I became immediate best friends. From that point on, we did everything together and stayed friends for years to come. By the time we reached 6th grade, the teachers had dubbed up the terrible twosome. Now that we were both 11 years older, so much has changed.

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