We Were Made For Each Other

Michael Nesmith :3

Chapter 8

Chapter 7

“Well Liz, I told you it was gonna have to be like this” he said, a little bit softer.
“I know. It’s just I thought you’d be out here for a bit longer” I sighed.
“Well, next time I’ll try to stay longer” he said, placing his arm around me.
“So, tell me all about California”
“Well, what about it?”
“The auditions, what it’s like out there, everything”
‘Well, you know there’s a lot more lights out there. So bright I could barely see the stars at night. But it was pretty groovy out there. Lots of musicians and artists and stuff.”
“That sounds cool. It must be so nice out there”
“It is, but I like Texas better, it’s more peaceful out here”
“Well, that’s true, I don’t think I could live in a big city” I said as I shook my head.
“But you know I went and tried out and they asked me to play a song. I did Different Drum, and they liked it” he smiled.
“Well of course they would. I mean I love it” I grinned back.
“Well they liked my singing and they thought I’d be good for the guitarist so they told me to come back in a few days for a screen test and gave me some lines to learn.”
“Told you, you were a good singer!”
“Well, I went back they interviewed me and then I did some scenes with some other guys they picked. There were three of ‘em. Micky, Davy and Peter. They’re pretty groovy guys”
“Well, I’m glad you liked it. Think about it Mike, you’re going to be famous!” I said and hugged him.
“Well, I doubt I’ll be famous” he scoffed.
“Nope, I can see it on NBC now, The Monkees starring Michael Nesmith. People are going to love it Mike!” I said sweetly.
“I sure hope so Liz” he smiled back.
“Now, how ‘bout we do somethin’. I missed bein’ out here with you” he said, pulling me closer to him.
“Well, what did you have in mind?” I asked.
“Well, I don’t know, what ever the lady’s heart desires” he said, and kissed my cheek.
“Well” I said as I tapped my finger to my chin “how about we take a ride down to the Gulf?” I suggested.
“You got it babe” he winked.
“Well, I’ll just change and we can go” I smiled slyly and slipped into my room.
I put on a lavender sun dress and a pair of strappy sandals. I threw on a sun hat and a pair of sunglasses and emerged back into the living room. Mike wolf whistled and I blushed a bit. I turned around and let him take a look.
“What a woman” he grinned.
“Let’s go” I said with a wink.
Mike grabbed his keys and we set off for the beach. We zipped down the lonely highway, and I again, clung to Mike and placed my head on his back. It took a while for us to finally reach the gulf, but when we got there it was late afternoon and the seaside wasn’t too crowded. Mike parked the bike, and I was still lost in my thoughts and still clinging to him.
“heh, now I see what you were doing” he chuckled.
“What?” I said, coming out of my daze.
“Every time you were still hangin’ on to me when we were both on the bike” he smiled.
“Oh” I said as I blushed.
“Come on Liz, let’s go” he said as he took my hand and dragged me onto the beach.
The sun was just getting ready to set as Mike and I walked hand in hand down the shore line. The sun was beating down on us and Mike soon took his wool hat off and put it in his back pocket.
“So, how’d you deal with out me all week” he said as he gripped my hand a little tighter.
“Well, contrary to popular belief, you’re not all I think about” I giggled.
“Oh really?” he said and smiled at me.
“Well, I do have a life of my own”
“That’s what I like about you Liz, you’re not clingy like some other girls” he smiled.
“And you’re not a jerk like most other guys” I reciprocated.
Mike chuckled ever so slightly and wrapped his arm around my waist.
We must have been walking for hours, as the sky grew dark and the moon and stars started to shine.
Mike and I nestled next to each other in the sand and looked up at the sky.
“This is definitely what I missed the most” Mike sighed as he gazed upwards.
“The stars?” I asked, gazing up at them myself.
“No” he replied.
“Then what? The moon? The air?” I suggested.
“No, hanging out with you” he grinned as he turned toward me.
“Mike” I sighed as I turned toward him.
“Well it’s true” he said, as he ran his fingers through my hair.
I inched closer to him and rested on his chest. He kissed the top of my head and rubbed my back.
The only sound that was heard was the crashing waves against the coast, the call of gulls and the two of us breathing. It was so peaceful and serene.
Mike and I simultaneously looked up at each other. I could see the emotion in his eyes again, love. Mike leaned toward me and slowly pressed his lips to mine. We held each other close as our lips kissed. There was nothing that could ruin this moment, it was perfect. Mike was so sweet as he held me in his arms and kissed me tenderly. Our lips parted and he looked deep into my eyes.
“Wow” he sighed again.
I placed my hand on the back of his neck and smiled up at him. He pulls me in closer and my head is again resting on his chest.
“Girl, I know your mighty fond of me. And I know that you’ve got to be the kind of girl I could love. You’ve got the sweetest pair of eyes and your kiss would be paradise. You do something to my soul that no one’s ever done” he sang in a whisper, right in my ear. I curled up tighter in his arms and smiled as he sang.
“I love you” I grinned.
“And I know you’ve got to be the kind of girl I could love”

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