Living With These Dirty Hands

“ How would it feel-to wake up one morning and see your best friend dead. And even worse-see the blood on your hands and realize you did it. ”
This is the shame Brooklyn,a werewolf,has to live with.
She escapes her lonely home, finds herself in love, and is being pursued by the government.Everyone wants her dead and everyone believes she is a horrible beast.
The problem, They're right,and Brooklyn knows it

Chapter 1


“Ahhhhhh!” The cry shattered the night into a million pieces as a hammer to glass. For a distressed woman was in labor on the full moon at a shabby birthing center in Chicago . A haggard man with dark bags under his eyes held her hand. A tear rolled gently down his cheek , for surely she would not live. How could she? Even if the birth did not kill her, the humiliation of what her child was would cause her to commit suicide. A scream worse than any of the other ones tore from her ice blue lips. A horrible creature was pushed into the midwifes arms, The woman gave one desperate look at the child and her heartbeat was no more.
The man gave an anguished cry and fell to his knees. “Marisa…” He said in a barely audible whisper. “No,no!” He could not bring himself to look at the creature that killed his wife, the creature that was a child born from a human yet, not one herself.
“Sir?” Said the midwife curtly. She held the thing as far away as possible, disgusted with it. “what is the child’s name?”
He looked up at her. “Brooklyn.”
“What is the surname?”
“She doesn’t have one.”
Understanding what he meant, she nodded. She laid the werewolf, for that is what it was, on top of the mother. The pup whimpered then nibbled at the dead carcass.
“Get it off her!”
“But sir…” Smack! The man’s hand hit her face. Blood spilled from the midwife’s jaw.
“Get it off Marisa, Now!”
She did so, setting the pup down on a heater. She then got a rag and some ice for her jaw. The father of Brooklyn put a towel in a box and threw Brooklyn in there. The pup yelped. Heart hardening with every step he took,he walked out to an abandoned train station. There was a small forest surrounding it,making it the ideal spot for what he wanted to do. He set Brooklyn down. As he muttered something under his breath green electricity sparked in his hands. He started up a chant that lasted for hours. He watched as the enchantment glass was woven together. When it was finished he turned and walked away,never to look back again.


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