This tale is for the lonely, the beaten, the broken, the ones who feel hopeless, and the unloved.

Chapter 1

Rose and Liz

Once, there was a penguin named Rose. Her family hated her. She was beaten several times by her mother and other family members throughout her childhood and her adolescent years. She was always put down by everyone and being told she was ugly, fat, a mistake, unwanted, and alone. She was called horrible names like "retard" and "fudgepacker." No one liked her. She just wanted life to be over.

There was another penguin who had a similar story. Her name was Liz. Liz wasn't beaten by her family, but they were still very harmful to her through their words and actions. She knew she was their least favorite. All of the other penguins hated her too. She was so alone. They made fun of her calling her awkward and insulting the way she is. She didn't feel any different than the other penguins. She didn't look any different than the other penguins. Although she was just another regular penguin, she felt like an outsider.

Neither penguins felt like they belonged. Both just wanted life to be over. They wanted their pain to be ended. They both had figured that their life would never get better, that they'd never amount to anything, that they'd never be happy.

That, however, was not the case.

Rose's family was tired of her and didn't want her around, so they sent her away for a week. Liz was being sent away for a week as well. Neither of them were happy, but they didn't know what was coming next.

Rose and Liz met each other soon after they were sent away. Only on the last day did they become friends, though. Before that, they were both drawn to each other, they just didn't know what to do about it. While Liz was nice to Rose, Rose was bitter and pushed her away. Rose was too scared of what an actual friend might bring into her life.

Suddenly, on the evening of which they befriended each other, there was a horrible ice storm. Glaciers were torn apart. Penguins were injured. Igloos were smashed. It was a nightmare for the penguins. Rose was so frightened. She just sat in the corner, crying and alone. No one came to talk to her. She was ready to leave everything for good, when Liz came over and hugged her. Liz held Rose while she was crying. She prayed with her. She helped her conquer her fears. She helped her to know what love really feels like.

Rose had never been happier in her entire life. She was loved! She had never felt this before. It was wonderful. She knew she had a friend, a true friend, a friend that would never leave her.

Rose loved Liz, and Liz loved Rose. They stayed together until the ends of their lives. There was something different about their friendship. They held each other very dear in their hearts. There was something that kept them getting closer and closer. There was something different that held their relatioship. There was something different about them.

They were each other's soul mates.

They were each other's penguins. <3


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