Her True Love (Chapter 7)


Chapter 1

First and last kiss

Diana:NICK!! You're awake thanks god hug him
Nick:laugh I'm fine
Diana:How are you feeling!? Are you in pain? Do you want me to call a doctor!?
Nick:I'm fine chill
Diana:in tearsI was worried sick about you , don't ever do that to me again!
Nick:Aww come here , I'm completely fine why are you crying?
Diana:I'm just happy that you're okay
Nick:What would you do if --
Diana:Nick don't even think about saying it
Nick:I was making a joke to light up the mood
Diana:It's not funny at all
Diana:I'm going to tell the rest that you're awake everybody is so worried
Nick:Okay but be quick

I went to the waiting room

Diana:smileGuess what?
Kevin:Please tell me that Nick is okay
Diana:He is and he's awake now
Mom:Well let's go see him!

Everybody went to Nick's room , we stayed there for a while in dead silent

Nick:So where is Jessica?
Diana:Yeah where is she?
Joe:She was hungry so left

Wow real smooth , she doesn't even care about him

Mr.Jonas:Well It's getting late we should go home
Diana:When is Nick getting out of the hospital?
Mrs.Jonas:A few days just in case
Diana:Well then I'm staying with him
Mom:Diana you can't stay here a few days!
Diana:Watch me
Nick:Diana you don't have to stay I'll be fine
Diana:But I want too , please dad?
Dad:Okay fine
Dad:She want to stay with her best friend , I don't see a problem
Mom:Okay fine
Mr.Jonas:Well let's go home
Denise:Take care baby
Kevin:Get well soon bro
Dani: see you tomorrow
Joe:Have fun with your 'best friend' smirk
Diana:laugh oh shut up
Joe:See you tomorrow sissy
Diana:See ya
Nick:So what do you want to do ?
Diana:There's nothing here to do
Nick:How about we watch TV?
Diana:Sure start flipping through channels Oh Tom&Jerry
Nick:I'm the one who's sick , so I'm the one who chose what we watch
Diana:Not fair!
Nick:Well then I'm going to faint again
Diana:roll eyesI don't care
Nick:mock herOh Nick I was so worried about you
DianablushNick I seriously hate you
Nick:That's not what I heard when you came in the room
Diana:What are you talking about?
Nick:Oh don't act dumb
Diana:sigh fine
Nick:I know you like me

Uhh , let me correct that I LOVE you

Nick:aand what?
Diana:Don't you want to say something back?
Nick:like that I like you back?
Nick:Or maybe I can do that lean in

Okay I seriously can die right now , when we kissed I felt like I'm going to explode!

Diana:pull away
Diana:Wow , so where does that leave us?
Nick:What do you mean?
Diana:I mean friends , best friends , friends with benefit ?
Nick:Maybe after I get out of here we can figure something out
Nick:smile would you like to be my date?
Nick:Yeah well , too bad I wasn't asking for your opinion we have a date on Friday
Nick:Do you want to sleep?
Diana:yes I'm tired
Nick:okay , but what are you doing?
Diana:Check your blood level before you sleep
Nick:When did you became a doctor?
Diana:roll eyes
Nick:It's fine
Diana:Great , goodnight now
Nick:Are you really going to sleep on the couch?
Diana:yeah , where else
Nick:This bed is too big
Diana:Are you sure?
Diana:Do you think it's awkward ?
Nick:what's awkward?
Diana:Us , i mean what if we start you know dating and we've been best friends for well forever
Nick:I'm too tired to talk right now
Diana:Let's just sleep
Nick:yawngood night

Nick's POV
Yesterday I told Diana that I like her , well I don't love her I just developed some kind of crush on her she's so caring and she was always there for me , Unlike Jessica I can't believe she left because she was 'hungry' what kind of stupid reason is that if it was her I would stay till I make sure she's perfectly fine but well that's just me she doesn't care about me we all can see that , I'm supposed to leave the hospital tomorrow and school will start next month not that far away , Anyway I have to think about somewhere to take Diana on Friday . She's still sleeping I don't want to wake her up it's still too early I tried to get up without waking her up but I failed she's a really light sleeper

Diana:Morning Sunshine
Nick:Morning smile
Diana:How are you feeling?
Nick:I'm fine
Diana:Fine is not good enough! Do you want me to go get a doctor?!
Nick:I'm feeling GREAT is that enough?
Diana:Not really
Nick:roll eyes
Diana:Are we allowed to leave the hospital?
Nick:We're allowed to walk around the hospital but not far away
Diana:Do you wanna go get breakfast somewhere?
Nick:there's a cafeteria in the hospital tho.
Diana:Not quite as MacDonald's
Nick:Yeah , you've got a point
Diana:smileWell let's go , but I don't have any clothes
Nick:I told mom to bring us clothes and right over there
Diana:smart thinking!
Nick:I'm not a blonde you know!
Diana:But I am!
Nick:You know I didn't mean to insult you I was just saying you're dumb!
Diana:hit him with a pillow Shut up!

End of POV

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