Avengers Academy (Avengers origional story)

The Avengers are just your average 14 year olds right? Bruce, Tony, Natasha, Clint, Steve and Thor all go to this same Avengers Acadamey. As Avengers-in-training. But when Thor's little brother is sent by Odin to become one of these Avengers, will the gang accept him?

Chapter 1

Just great ain't it?

by: 68687
Loki hoped he wasn't dressed weirdly. He wore the normal Avengers uniform, but he greased back his hair, and made his tie look more rebellious. As a 12 year old, he was rebellious enough. With all the puberty settling in. The worst part was, he of course would have to start behind his brother. At this stupid school that Odin was forcing him to go to.

"Loki, come on brother. Or we'll be late for classes." Thor called from downstairs. It was a boarding school, and Loki hated it even more for that. When he arrived, everything was abnormal with all the Midguardian contraptions. Loki walked slowly down the stairs, and his 14 year old brother came into view. His hair was neatly brushed, and he looked smart. Ha, like he actually was smart. Loki thought.

"Well then... Erm... Let’s go brother. I can show you around if you like." Thor said, taking in Loki's messy-rebellious look. Loki shook his head no. Thor knew how Loki despised being here. He barely talked.

Mutants, abnormities, superheroes, demi-gods. These children ran around all over this school. From ages 10 to 18. Loki was in the 12 year old year. He was small and skinny compared to his older brother. Thor was dashing, and the girls in his year fell over him.

"Hey Thor! Yo!" Thor heard Tony Stark, a fellow classmate call to him. Stark had shaggy black hair, a blue glowey thingy in his chest, and a making of a mustache. Behind him were Bruce, Natasha, Steve and Clint.

"Hello. I erm... Want you to meet my brother." Thor said, pulling Loki from behind him. Loki was not scared or anything. He just didn't want to meet Thor's 'stupid' friends, is what he thought.

"Hey. He does not look anything like you." Clint pointed out. They tried smiling at him, but it wasn't hard for the Avengers-In-Training. They thought he was weird. Shiny black hair, pushed back, and messy. Emerald eyes full of hatred and the weirdest was how he dressed. Most kids followed the school uniform. He wore it, but in an odd way.

"Does he speak?" Steve asked.

"I speak very well thank you." Loki muttered.

"And what is your name?" Natasha inquired. Loki looked away.

"Loki." He mumbled.

"Lock eye?" Tony asked, his usual sarcasm ringing about.

"Loki." He replied once again.

The bell rang, and Thor said his goodbyes to his friends. "I'll meet you in class. I got to show Loki around. Don't worry Bruce; I let the teacher know that I would be late."

The uniform, was a black coat, with an A standing for Avengers, and pair of spy like tight black pants or skirts, depending on the gender. It was a navy blue tie, and a pair of black shoes. Loki thought it looked ridiculous, but everyone wore it.

"So Loki. This is your class. There are different classes, and the teachers can show you each one. I gotta go. Or I'll be even later. Good bye brother." Thor said, leaving Loki in front of the 'Door of Torture’ is what Loki called it. He knocked on the Door, and the teacher answered it.

"Ah, you must be Loki," She said. "I am Agent Hill. And I shall be your homeroom teacher. Class, we have a new student." Agent Hill said. Loki looked in, and the mutants, aliens, superheroes goggled at him.

"Loki, you can sit beside Jessica." Agent Hill explained, showing him to his desk. Jessica was a water controller. She had shoulder-length blond hair, and bright blue eyes. Loki thought she must be stupid, because on Asguard all the pretty girls were stupid.

"Hello Loki. I'm Jessica." She said, holding out her hand. Loki was not used to shaking a girl’s hand, but he did it anyways.

"Class, today we shall be learning how to control our minor powers. So, does anyone here know how to become invisible?" Agent Hill asked, in a teacherish way. Loki, in response quickly turned invisible. The class gawked. He decided to amaze them more. He then turned his invisible self into a ball of fire, then into water. Then, he turned back, but he was an old man, then, he went back to his normal self.

"I see you know how to control your powers very well Loki." Agent Hill said, giving him a rare smile.
Well of course I know how to control my powers. Loki thought, glaring at his pencil. The agent droned on about the importance of controlling powers, and knowing when to use them. Finally the bell rang for the next period.

"Um Agent Hill? Do you know where gym class is?" Loki asked, rather nervously.

"Yes. Just follow this hall down that way, then you take a left, and at the end of the hall is the gym. The other boys know where the change rooms are; just follow them into the boy’s one." Agent Hill explained. Loki thanked her, and walked out of the hall, as a ball of fire to keep away people from asking questions.

The change room stunk of old socks.

"Hey Loki. Did'ja hear? The 14 year olds will be playing with us. And our gym teacher loves dodge ball." One of the boys whose name he knew to be Peter said. Peter also said people called him Spiderman.

"Dodge ball? What’s that?" Loki asked, pulling of his uniform shirt. His chest was flat, and the boys saw how skinny he was.

"You don't know dodge ball? Wow!" Peter exclaimed, shocked that he didn’t know dodge ball. "There are two teams, split by a line. You can't cross onto the other side, unless you get hit, and then you have to go the end of the gym, on their side."

"Hit?" Loki said, wondering what you would get hit with.

"Hit by a dodge ball. Their foamy, but the older kids use harder ones. So on your side, you have a ball, and you try to throw it at other people on the opposite side. Then, if you get hit, you go to the end of the opposite teams side, and the only way you can get back into the game is if someone gets a basket with the ball. The last team still standing wins." Peter explained.

Loki pulled on his gym shorts to hide his skinny legs. Then he tied his shoes, and walked out of the stinky change room. He forgot about that they were playing with 14 year olds. And then, he saw that the teams of the 14 year olds contained his brother and his friends.

Damn. He thought, glaring at Tony Stark, who glared back. This was going to be fun.

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