Bring me back to life (chapter 4)


Chapter 1

I can't believe he did that

Woho guess what ?! Yup it's Friday so it's finally my date , I don't know how Nate will react when he know that on our FIRST date my BROTHER is double date with us

Nate:So are the date is still on?


Nate:Okay well give me your address
Sophie:Okay It's ____________________
Nate:I'll be there by 6
Sophie:Okay but there's still one thing
Sophie:My brother is double date with us is that okay?
Nate:umm yeah I guess
Sophie:Well see yousmile

Finally It was time to leave!!
Kevin was picking us up today , I was just to get in the car when the school perv passed by me I hope he doesn't make on of his 'moves' now or Kevin will beat the shit out of him but well I KNOW he will make something stupid

Jakeslap her butt:Nice ass you've got there laugh

I quickly got in the car

Sophie:I don't know him really!

He was about to get out of the car

Sophie:Where are you going!?
Kevin:Stay out of it

Oh my god this can't be good

Kevin:Grab him by his collar What the hell is wrong with you?
Jake:What's up dude!?
Kevin:punch himNever touch Sophie again , do you hear me !?
Jake:punch him backWhy who are you , her boyfriend?

Just then Nick came , wow this is great , notice the sarcasm?

Nick:close enough her brother punch him again
Jake:fell on the floor
Kevin:yelling If you EVER touch her again you'll regret it

FINALLY , They got in the car

Sophie:Kevin , are you okay?
Kevin:Sophia how many time did this happen!?

I tried my best not to look him in the eyes

Sophie:It's just the first time
Nick:Sophie , don't you dare lie to us!
Sophie:Okay fine maybe a couple of times
Kevin:yellingWHY DIDN'T YOU TELL US!?
Sophie:whisperingI didn't want you to make a huge deal out of it

I felt like crying right now , Kevin NEVER yell at me

Nick:Because It is something we're supposed to make a huge deal out of it
Sophie:with tears No it's not Nick

I knew Nick and Kevin noticed I wanted to cry so they didn't say another word
When we got home

Joe:Hey guys

No body bothered to say anything the silence was killing me

Joe:What's wrong ?
Sophie:Nothing's wrong
Kevin:Well um let's see , when she was walking a guy slapped her butt and she said It's not a big deal
Nick:Don't worry we toke care of it
Sophie:So is this is how you deal with EVERYTHING
Nick:What do you mean?
Sophie:I mean that every time a boy does anything good or bad all you do is beat them up
Kevin:No , not every time we didn't beat up this Nate guy
Sophie:Well I'm going to get ready to my date , at least there's something good that will happen to me today
Kevin:I'm still going with me

Hours passed and I was ready Nate said he will be here at 6

Nick:Looking beautiful
Sophie:Thank you , but it's 6:01 he's not coming
Nick:laughshill out , he'll be here
Sophie:you're right

I noticed some of Frankie's toys on the floor

Sophie:I guess I'll play with some cubes
Nick:laugh you still like to play with this these things?
Sophie:Yes I do
Nick:Well have fun , be home by 10
Sophie:Sure , Kevin will be with me anyway

He's still not here , well maybe the traffic is bad he'll be here

Maybe he got lost , he'll be here soon

Oh who am I kidding , he's not coming

Nick was walking in the living room

Nick:Oh you're still here
Sophie:I was supposed to be home 10 minutes ago , Nick
Nick:I see you built the whole New York city with the cubes
Sophie:He didn't come crying
Nick:hug herI'm sorry

Next Day
Nick's POV
Sophie was a mess yesterday she kept crying about that Nate guy , Anyway I need to go to my science class now , When I was walking I heard a lot of people talking but when I hear Nate's name it catch d my ears

Random Guy:See ya Nate and don't forget the game today!
Nate:I won't

Well , here's the heart breaker

Nick:So you're Nate
Nate:Yes , Do I know you?
Nick:No you don't but you were supposed to have a date with my sister yesterday
Nate:Oh , Sophie. You're her brother?
Nick:Yes and did you know how much she was sad yesterday that you didn't come
Nate:Well we had a game yesterday and I had to go I didn't know that this date was so important to her
Nick:Wasn't Important!? she was crying
Nate:it was so important to her huh?
Nick:Yes it was and you better make up for her
Nate:I didn't know it was so important to her
Nick:Well it is!

and after I was done I went to my science class
End of POV

At the end of the day

I was waiting for Joe to come and I don't know where Nick
After 10 minutes Joe was here

Sophie:Thank you for not being late
Joe:You're welcome

Typical Joe

Joe:Where's Nick?
Sophie:I don't know , I just want to go home I have tons of stuff to do
Joe:How was your date? I hope not a lot of kissing
Sophie:Yeah , well he didn't come

Nick was here by now

Nick;Hey guys
Nick:Guess what? Nate is coming to take you to the movies today
Stophie:Nick stop messing with me cause It's not funny at all
Nick:I'm not he's really coming
Stophie:How do you know that?
Nick:Because I talked to him and he said he will come today
Stophie:YOU WHAT!?!?
Nick:What , I only did it for you
Stophie:You didn't tell him i cried right?
Stophie:Nick I can't believe you actually told him that I cried , i hope you can just stay out of MY personal life

Joe didn't say a word he was just driving when we got home , i went to my room and locked the door , I can't believe HE told Nate that I cried this is something most likely Joe would do NOT Nick and of course Nate will be coming because he feel sorry for me and he thinks am a pathetic , stupid , loser dumb girl . Can this day get any worse ?!

Normal POV
Nick:Well I was expecting a 'Thank you Nick I really appreciated it'
Joe:I know you were trying to help but she will understand that later
Kevin:What happened?
Joe:Yesterday Nate Sophie's date didn't show up so Nick told him that she was really upset and he's coming to take her to the movies today
Kevin:And that's bad because?
Nick:sighShe's mad because I told him
Joe:She always get angry at first
Nick:I know


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