Fall of The Eleventh

Fall of The Eleventh

All past problems return as silence falls.
This time, for real.

A Doctor Who fanfic.

Chapter 1

Where's the Roman?

It was about 5 o'clock in the morning and Amy couldn't sleep. She'd kept having bad dreams, waking up sweating and shaking like a leaf, sometimes even crying. Finally, she just decided to slip out of bed and check in on the Doctor. He had been pacing in the console room; Amy could hear him. As she snuck silently into the room, she stopped at the top of the stairs, watching him work at the console. He'd stopped pacing now and was working at the controls.
"What're you doing up?" she said suddenly and the Doctor jumped. He spun around, smiling at Amy.
"Just some morning repairs." he responded, turning back to his work. Amy walked down the stairs.
"Really?" she replied suspiciously. "You wake up at 5 o'clock in the morning?!" she exclaimed in disbelief.
"No." he stated, looking at her as if she should have already known the answer. "3 o'clock. I've been up for two hours already." Amy laughed.
"That's ridiculous!" she remarked. "Don't you need sleep?" she asked in slight confusion.
"Not as much as you humans, which reminds me!" he exclaimed, frowning. "What are you doing awake, Amelia?" Amy bit her lower lip
"Couldn't sleep." she replied simply.
"Why not?"
"Kept havin' nightmares..." she shrugged. "Dunno." She sighed and collapsed into the pilot's seat exhaustedly.
"You should go back to bed." the Doctor told her, pushing more buttons on the console.
"I can't." Amy said sternly. "I'm too awake." she lied. Amy was beat, but she was afraid of going back to sleep. She was afraid that the nightmare would reappear to her. He smiled at her.
"Well, what do you suppose we do, then?" Amy yawned, resting her head in her hands, elbow on thigh.
"I don't know..." she muttered tiredly.
"Ha! I knew you were tired." the Doctor exclaimed triumphantly.
"Am not!" she snapped.
"Are to!"
"Am n--" she yawned again. "Okay, maybe a little." she smiled tiredly. The Doctor laughed.
"Go to bed, Pond." he told her.
"Fine..." she sighed, standing up and walking up the stairs, but she stopped at the top. "Doctor..." she muttered, turning back around.
"Yes, Amy?" She inhaled deeply and said,
"Do you ever...feel like there's something you're forgetting? Something... really really important?" she asked seriously. The Doctor chuckled.
"Why? Forget something, Pond?" he asked, turning to see her serious face. "I suppose... Why?" he rephrased with a stern look. She shook her head, pressing her lips together nervously.
"I'm not sure... I think so, but..." she paused, looking up at him. "I dunno. It's probably nothing." she smiled slightly, then turned to go back to bed.
"Amy!" the Doctor exclaimed, his eyes wide in sudden realisation. "Where's the Roman?" Amy frowned in confusion.
"What Roman?"

Story cover here: http://www.quibblo.com/user/MortRainey/photoalbum/2066815

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