Beautiful Girl (A George Harrison Love Story)

Beautiful Girl (A George Harrison Love Story)

Hello! I see you stumbled upon my story! Yay! :D
Okay so here's the key: __ = your name. I like readers to feel like they're in my story rather than somebody else being in it.

Chapter 2

Got My Mind Set on You

"Are you okay? Here, take my hand," the tall man said as he reached out a hand. You grabbed his hand and he helped you stand up. You noticed a person wearing a top hat, dark coat and a mammoth scarf - the person with the scouse accent!
"Sorry for bumping into you. I saw you at the bakery," you said as you wiped off all the snow off your coat, "I work there, you know."
"Yeah I know, I saw you. Do I look all mysterious with the top hat and dark coat? I think I look like a spy or something, " He said, chuckling.
"You did look like you were spy when I first saw you. Who are you? James Bond?" you replied, giggling.
You then stopped in your tacks. "Hey... You look like someone I know. What's your name? I'm __."
"Well, __, that's a tough question to answer in public but I'm...George Harrison...of the Beatles."

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