Beautiful Girl (A George Harrison Love Story)

Beautiful Girl (A George Harrison Love Story)

Hello! I see you stumbled upon my story! Yay! :D
Okay so here's the key: __ = your name. I like readers to feel like they're in my story rather than somebody else being in it.

Chapter 3

Tomorrow Never Knows

You rolled your eyes, who does this man think he is? First James Bond, and now George Harrison?

"Alright, enough with the bloody acting, what's your real name?" you snapped, it could be anybody, after all, with Beatlemania in full swing.

"I already told you," said the scouse man, he didn't look like he was kidding.

"I don't believe you," you said, putting your hands on your hips, completed with a raised eyebrow and immense chuckling.

The man then took of his hat and scarf. "Believe me now?"

You're jaws dropped like you've just seen a flying narwhale, and you backed a way a little. "Sorry, I didn't's hard to believe nowadays with Beatlemania in full swing."

"Exactly why I was wearing the hat and scarf, to get away from the fans, you know, I forgive you," George replied, looking around suspiciously, hoping that no troublesome Beatle fans were lurking about, "I like to.. get out of the fame sometimes."

The snow started falling more harder then, the night sky and the full moon were barely visible. The only light that shone were the street lamps and the houses nearby. You thought it was about time to go back home.

"I guess I should be on my way now, the snow is starting to really fall now," you said, teeth chattering as the icy wind went through your coat.

"Do you mind if.... I could.. walk you home?" George said, with a shy, cute grin across his face. You nodded your head, grinning back. George Harrison was asking you to walk you home? Of course!

As you walked through the barren park, he took you by the hand. He wore a bright smile when you took a quick glimpse at him.

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