Beautiful Girl (A George Harrison Love Story)

Beautiful Girl (A George Harrison Love Story)

Hello! I see you stumbled upon my story! Yay! :D
Okay so here's the key: __ = your name. I like readers to feel like they're in my story rather than somebody else being in it.

Chapter 7

Here Comes the Sun

George's POV

"Well, girlfriend or not, I think she's quite a beauty," said Paul beaming at __. You shot him a jealous look whilst __'s face flushed red. You didn't know why, were you developing feelings for her?

Your POV

That night in the Beatles' hotel room you slept on the sofa with an extra blanket and pillow, which was surprisingly comfortable. You couldn't fall asleep, maybe it was the unknown snoring from one of the four or maybe it was just the overwhelming events of the day. You didn't know.

You thought of George's scowl he gave to Paul when Paul was flirting with you. Was he jealous? It looked an awful like it. 'Well, I would be jealous, too if a girl started flirting with George,' you thought to yourself. 'I mean he is kinda cute with the dark eyes and his handsome features of his face....and his shy and humorous personality, too...' you though grinning as you went into a state of dreaming. You then stopped yourself. Maybe you wanted to be more than friends running away like partners in crime from crowds of fans............

The next morning, the coast was clear of paparazzi and the sun was up like fire in the sky. It was time to go home to get dressed and go to work. "I'll walk you home, if you want to," said George as John rolled his eyes muttering "lovebirds," as he picked up a box of cornflakes.
"Fine with me, Harrison," you said as you grinned, you started sounding like John!

The snow was slowly melting when you walked through the bustling streets; checking for any signs of mischievous fans lurking about. There wasn't anybody that noticed you two through your mammoth coats and hats. As you got to the bare, overgrown park that lead to your apartment, George started staring at you.

"What's the matter. Harrison?" you said after a while, wondering what he was up to. "Oh, nothing," he said looking away instantly. You raised an eyebrow, but then kept walking. When you got to your building, he finally spoke up.

"Er...I have something to tell you," he finally said.
"What is it?" you asked, suspicious of his strange behaviour.
"Over the past few days, I've been thinking..."
"..Of what?"
"Well, I thought it was pretty fun running and hiding from the crowd with you..."
"Yeah it was pretty fun I guess.."
He stopped for a minute and looked down at the ground shuffling his feet for a moment. Seconds later, he looked back up.
"I think you are the most beautiful and hilarious girl I ever met," he said, and then smiled, " you!"
Your mouth dropped open in shock, and the smiled at him brightly. "I love you, too!"

Moments later, you leaned closer to him and pecked him on the lips and he did, too. "Would you like to be my girlfriend?" George asked, beaming brightly as the morning sun. "Of course!" you cried and gave him a kiss on the cheek, and his face turned red just like it did on the night you two first met.


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