He's my Father? (Larry Stylinson BXB)


Chapter 1



Harry walked along the bustling streets of France, looking for the hotel he had arrangements at, when he spotted a charming, small cafe.
He also spotted a beautiful, tan, boy, sitting at a table, sipping on a tea. As he walked by, the boy grabbed his arm, only because he tripped.
He lowered his sunglasses and said with a smirk "you should be carefuler." He smiled at Harry.

Harry melted at his smile and shining green eyes.
"Why don't you sit with me?" The boy moved over.
Harry blushes and nodded, sittin across from him.
"You aren't from around here, are you?" Harry questioned the boy.

The boy nodded no, "England, you?"
the boy nodded at Harry. "Nice area."
harry nodded slowly.

"Would you like to go for drinks?"
Harry nodded, walking down the street with the boy, into the bar, taking a few shots, that's the last thing he could remember.
(Sorry it is so short. I'm on my iPod.)

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