Fire Lace - Reece Mastin FanFic

okay i havent really written any fanfics before let alone posted them on here so this is new to me.

hope you enjoy

all rights reserved, all characters and ideas are my own. and no one can copy them.

Chapter 1

Character Info.

Name: Echo Raine Shalarnis
Age: 17
Hair: White blonde
Eyes: Light green
Skin Tone: Slightly tan
Personality: Quiet, goes with the flow, observes more than she speaks
Hobbies: Reading, studying, climbing trees.
About: Has a voice like Veronica Bravo and can sing like her too only a bit softer (look her up – X Factor AU 2012)
Siblings: Older sisters Ivory (20), Wren (25) and older brother Glade (22)
Parents: Mother - June (Real estate agent), Father – Birch (died in car crash 8 years ago)

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