Camp Half-Blood Group Story

Andre Harris=Me
Lyra Smith=Annalise_G_Erikson
Perri Richardson=time4dance
Brittany Johnson=artemis349
Maci Haler=DaughterOfTheSunGod

Chapter 1


Me: Andre Harris

Annalise_G_Erikson: Lyra Smith
Red hair golden eyes. 16, short, thin and blind.
Lived in Ohio
Daughter of Apollo
Funny, sarcastic, witty. Tough on the outside but sensitive on the inside. Hides feelings really well. Relies on hearing and touch.
Mom died when she was young and raised by her grandma on their farm. She wasn't really the most popular but definitely not the last.

time4dance: Perenelle Richardson
Goes by Perri
17, Brunette, perfect body, tan, purple eyes, tall
Lived in Flordia
Daughter of Aphrodite
Is kind of like Selina. Not a jerk like drew but cares a lot about her looks. Is sometimes an airhead with stuff but is street and people smart. Is also kind of tough.
Dad is florist. Popular- except with Athena kids. Most of them gate her air head moments.

artemis349: Brittany Johnson
ice-blue eyes, skinny, short, 15
lived in Washington
Daughter of Poseidon
kind, sometimes smart, tough, strong
Mom is a scuba diver. mostly lived on the beach and spent most of the time in the water

DaughterOfTheSunGod: Maci Haler
Age; 16
Personality: Smart, nice, sweet, caring, fun, funny, a bit wise, adventurous and a daredevil Appearance: medium length dirty blonde curly hair, dark blue eyes, tan skin, about3 inches shorter than Connor.
Weapons; A never ending quiver of silver arrows and a bow,and a gold sword her friend in Hepheastus weilded for her.
Godly Parent: Apollo
Powers: Can make a force field


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