The School in the Fog

They walk among us, hidden in the crowd or in the shadows. Creatures that haunt children in their imagination. They exist, and they had to learn how to survive. Did their parents teach them? No, they learned from a school.

Chapter 1

Riley Joiner (hnardiello)

I flew threw the clocktower and squeezed threw the pillars that concealed our home. I threwdown the apples and cut lunch I swiped from the food cart downtown. It was about 4:00 pm, Aussie time. School just let out.
5th grade was boring for me, what was I supposed to do. Who cares that Austrailia was a prison at first. I don't need to know that for my future. Plus I had more on my mind. Soon I'd get my invitation, just like my brother Jackie.

I was lucky, I wasn't abanonned. That is, by both my parents. My mom left when she found out my father was half gargoyle, and she had given birth to 3 semi-gargoyles.
The only benefit of being a semi-gargoyle is I can look like human, and turn into a gargoyle whenever I feel like it, or get mad. Good thing I'm pretty calm. Jackie spots me going through the pillars with cut lunches and the apples.
"You brought dinner, but not Olivia?" asked Jackie
"Don't get your knickers in a knot. Dad's getting her."
Jackie grabbed a cut lunch and started sketching on a piece of paper.
"How was your first day of State school?" Jackie asked without looking up.
I groaned "Oh boring, I can't go to your school?"
Jackie lifted the piece of paper he was sketching on," Oh, was this for you, sorry mate."
I grabbed the paper out of his hands and read it.

To Riley Isaiah Joiner
You have been invited to Oakport's School for Cryptids in America. You may not tell any homosapiens about this school. To get here, you board a plane, at the nearest airport, to get to Baton Rouge. Then you go to a swamp, any swamp, and look for an ogre. The ogre will lead you from there.

I flipped the piece of paper over and it read,
He drew on it a gargoyle with a mustache, with a name tag on it saying "Riley Joiner: the Nerd"
Jackie transformed and flew up.
"Careful mate, don't blow a casket."
Just then my dad flew in with our 9 year old sister, Olivia.
"We don't need a fight boys, ya'll have a long flight tonight. Olivia's coming too."
Olivia's face grew bright and in a high voice exclaimed, "YAY!"

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