We have a slight problem here....

Hallo this is an invented Halo story I made up- please comment or rate or whatever!!

Chapter 1

You startin', bruv?

I whistled and bounced down the street in my trainers. I was wearing my favourite white hoody and blue jeans. I had my best ever DCs on. This was a novelty for someone who lives in the countryside.
Alright, when I say, I ‘whistled’, what I mean is, I tried to whistle. I can’t master the art, unfortunately, but I can hum like hell so I ended up resorting to that.
I’d like to say I had the world at my feet- but I really didn’t. It was just an okay day, really, that felt pretty good for a pre-teen with a slightly odd brain.
I even gave a small spin as I walked along.
Unfortunately, things get ever so slightly weird for me, and this story really begins, when I accidently give some hooded young lads a sideways look.
So I was strolling along, when I heard a collection of snorts and laughter coming from a dripping alleyway.
I paused and leant back, eyebrows raised.
Four youths were scuffing around, smoking and spitting on the ground.
I made a face and shuddered. I honestly cannot STAND spitting in public.
“Ugh,’ I whispered to myself, “Chavs.”
“Chavs, chavs, chavs, chavs….” echoed the alleyway. The four boys immediately turned and stared at me. I swallowed and blinked.
“Erm, hi?” I laughed nervously.
“Oi!” yelled the leader-chav, “Who you callin’ a chav?”
“Yeah? You startin’?” crowed another.
“Er-herh, yeah, well-` I ran like heck.
“OI!!!” I heard the thundering of footsteps as the boys gathered themselves, rearing up to chase me.
I skidded into another alleyway and heard the clattering of their shoes against tarmac, like herd of drunken horses.
I burst through a green double door that was fitted into one of the wet brick walls. The thick scent of frankincense and the pounding of music hit me. There was a thick white mist everywhere and crazed people wearing neon rings and florescent armbands and jumping up and down and screaming and laughing.
Bewildered, I began to dive into the drugged up crowd.
The collection of chavs hesitated as they caught up with me and stared into the mass of dancing, smoky, people. The leader chav shrugged and dove after me then closely followed by his associates.
Pushing my way through the forest of people, I burst through another door and found myself in an abandoned old airy dark warehouse.
There was something about it that took my breath away. “Wow,’ I said aloud, ‘gloomy…”
I reached out to the side of me where there was a huge lever and pulled it down. There was a huge bang and slowly, lights began to buzz and flicker on down from me downwards. I gasped.
The place was huge. There were raised platforms and these great cylinder shaped cryogenic tanks separated by a wide walkway before me. The room suddenly was filled with this airy buzz…as if everything had been asleep for a really long time and I had-
“Oi she went ineer innit?”
“Nah, you’re WRONG-`
“Narrrh she wennin EER innit?”
I could hear the clatter of chavs from behind the door. I quickly ran towards the great end tank…
The muffled sound of the hooded boys seemed so unimportant as I watched them through the blurred vision of the cold glass. After a few seconds the chavs gave up and stormed out.
I set my head back in a sigh of relief. I laughed to myself.
Now, I thought, how the heck do I get out of here?
I looked along the edges of the inside of the cryogenic tank. How do I open this thing? I rattled and beat my fists against the frosty glass. I began to panic.
“GRRR!! Stupid glass TANK!! You will be the death of me I swear to…”
A calm female voice sounded:
“Frosting sequence initiated…”
I blinked.

“Uh oh…”

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