His Choice [Dragon Age]

His Choice [Dragon Age]

Chapter 1

First Chapter

Hawke's heart dropped immediately at the torn expression on the male Elf's face. His green eyes darted to Hawke's brown eyes, flickering then to the strand of dark red hair that always hung loose from her tight bun. He was begging her to choose the templar's instead of the damned mages. Anders took a step closer to the Champion of Kirkwall, and she finally chose.

"I will defend you." she said firmly, looking over at Orsino, The scowl on Fenris's lips said everything.

"I will not side with the mages, not for you...Not for anyone." Fenris walked towards Meredith, his fists clenched tight.

Hawke stared at his back, regret in every fiber of her being, before she turns towards Anders and Bethany, Anders leaning in and kissing her forehead gently, comforting words slipping from between his lips. Bethany just shook her head, a smile on her lips in gratitude for the sacrifices her sister had made on her behalf.

The wind whipped past his pure white hair, his legs pushing his lithe body to his limits. He drew his sword, and lunged. Meredith drew out her own sword and she pushes through the rubble of the Chantry. Fenris's sword cut easily through the flesh, and a mage's head landed amongst the rubble, her scream being cut off by the beheading. Blood was now splattered across the young Elf's clothing and face. Fenris turned towards his newfound ally, a murderous gleam in his eyes.

"We should move on. There's nothing left here." Meredith looked helplessly at the ground before nodding and turning away from the disaster site. Fenris sneered at a group of kids that were searching through the ruins for family members before he sprints after Meredith.

Thanks to the abomination, to Anders , the Grand Cleric was dead. Any hopes of salvation for the Mages, or peace between Mages and Templars was destroyed with that building.

"...The Chantry..."

The High Dragon was dead, as was the Grand Cleric, because of he, Merrill, Hawke, and Anders. Hundreds of dragonlings would never grow up to know what it was like to have wings like his or her mother. They would never know what it was like to have a good nights sleep after learning how to survive, a fresh drink after hunting a meal. The taste of the hot liquid of blood sliding down their throats as they went for the complete kill...

Fenris stopped in his tracks. No. He couldn't think like that. That would be the end of him. He must stay strong, for the mother he could no longer remember, for the sister he killed. For the friend he left back in front of the Templar's Hall.

If he kept thinking like that, he would go into a rage. He would kill them all without regretting it until they were all dead at his feet. Just like he did with the Rebels. He destroy the innocent face of Merrill. He would let no form of protest happen. She would die a brutal death; for her choice of becoming a blood mage. She isn't allowed to live. As for Hawke's little sister, Bethany, he would teach that little brat a lesson. She deserved to know what she did wrong. If he let her live, she would become a magister, like Danarius. She would join the Imperium and buy slaves and whores and the such for entertainment. There would be no Bethany left, she wouldn't be the strong sister of Marian Hawke any longer. He was going to prevent that. His only issue was that she had never wronged him. Nor had Hawke. Merrill had done no wrong to him. Merrill was concerned for his safety. Hawke was his anchor. She was only inquiring after his health, if he was okay or needed time alone. She never made him make choices he didn't want to make or tell about his past when he wasn't willing.

Hawke. That damned bitch!


Hawke's day got worse and worse. First, Orsino and Meredith kept sending her off on errands. What was she, their servant? After that, Anders thought up a brilliant idea of going into the Bone Pit for some Drakeskin! Oh, and lets not forget the adventure to the sewage for another ingredient. Maker, that man needed someone in his life to distract him from his Healing Clinic. To find out, Hawke aided her beloved in making an explosive. To blow up the Chantry. And all the Sisters and Mothers and the Cleric. The one woman who was like a mother to her since her own mother, Leandra, was murdered by a Blood Mage. And...then Orsino summoned Hawke once more to the Gallows. The First Enchanter and the Knight-Commander, Meredith, were nearly ripping each others throats out. Another problem for her to solve.

Immediately when Marian arrived, Meredith was on her. She was demanding answers. Who did she support? What was her opinion on all of this? Hawke couldn't take it. She gave Meredith the eye and strode over to Orsino's side, scowling at the older woman. This wouldn't end well.

And when Meredith demanded that Hawke choose a side, her breathing stopped. She immediately looked over at her companions, fear in her eyes. The fear that's always been appearing before every battle since Leandra died. Fenris bowed his head in respect. This was her choice. Anders jerked his head towards Orsino, but otherwise remained silent. Merrill on the other hand, was quite loud with her opinion. She stated that she knew Hawke wouldn't want to kill innocents, and she used the guilt card, siding with Orsino. Aveline chose the Templars side, knowing she couldn't betray Wesley so readily.

Hawke went through all the memories in her mind before she chose. That's where it all went downhill.

Fenris betraying her to join the Templars, Aveline reluctantly joining the Mages and Anders giving up full heartedly when they left. He was upset. He had the murder of hundreds on his hands. Hawke even told him this.

The worse was yet to come, no doubt. As soon as they left the courtyard, Templars and Blood Mages attacked them.

Aveline, being the sword and shield woman, went for the Templars. Her sword slid through their armor easily and killed them. Hawke, as she was a rogue, attacked everyone. Her daggers pierced the heart of a Blood Mage she had rescued back in the Bone Pit, and his cries were music to her ears. She was in a frenzy now. Only one thing could stop her. And he wasn't here.

Hawke tackled a man that was aiming a bow at Merrill's back. She pressed her dagger to the man's throat and sneered.

"You shall never harm another soul again..." She plunged her other dagger in his heart the same moment she dug her other dagger into the man's throat. He was dead within seconds. Anders hollered something of a warning, before he was gone. Hawke looked up and she froze. It was an Ogre, like the one that had killed Carver so many years ago. The ogre was crushing Anders slowly. His cries ignited something inside of the young girl. She ran at the creature, and let out a yell full of the purest rage.

"You won't take another loved one from me, Dread Wolf!" She and Aveline, together, brought the ogre to its knees and Aveline made the killing blow. Anders was dropped from the foul beast's hands immediately, wounded.

To be Continued


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