Last Hope

A world where humans got rid of all there feeling and no longer care just want to do there daily lifes while computers do everything.
The story starts with 3 main characters Sai, Kai and Yuko they will try to change everything on there own.

Chapter 1

one little step foward

by: kaito17
Later in year XXXX humens no longer are there selfs as we know this day...
wakes up looking out the window at the morning sky..look arownd in the room see nothing just wires all over and computers see someone
Kai: scared not knowing where he is ok?? ... the person wakes up then leaves the room leaving kai behind did not ever notest him...flys fast following him....the moment he past the door there was no floor they were in mid air haaaaaaa >[]w<'
Sai: at the moment I want to be alone and find someone I get stuck with someone but I wonder why I did not turn him down...for some reason he is not like the others and seems to know nothing at all
Next chapter will be out soon!!

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