Kill The Winged and Wicked~Original Story

This is an original story;)
Written by ME!
I hope you like it xD

I tried to find something new to write about, then BOOM! I dream of it instead, this story as I said is completely original:) No Fan-Fiction involved:D So its gonna be a challenge!

I've been working on alot of pieces with partners, but I thought I would take a nice break and do a solo story xD

Comment, Rate:D I would love it all, thanks fellow readers!

Chapter 1

Lost And Now Found

The sunlight burst through the flimsy, pale curtains and covered the whole room in bright light. Around this time, everyone in town is waking up and shuffling downstairs to make a fresh, batch of coffee.

The town of Winderlowe was more alive then ever in the morning. It was a very quaint, small town on the coast of Maine. During the time of Autumn has always been a beauty, the leaves transition to colors of yellow and red.

I woke with a low moan and slowly my eyes fluttered open, revealing a beautiful shade of dark green. I closed my eyelids once more, trying to remember my dream from last night. Images flashed of dark, shadowed creatures. Their features were foggy, and darken but recently a new figure started haunting my dreams.

"Kassia, get up sleepy-head. Remember you were going to help your mom pack those last few boxes from her apartment?" David called in a calm voice from outside my white, wooden door.

"David, I wouldn't dream of forgetting an exciting event like moving boxes in a car!" I responded back, sarcasm flooding my voice; more then I wanted to put into it. I listened carefully as footsteps slided across the wooden floor and a door closed behide him.

David and mom just got married 2 months ago, and with everything settling down, mom and I were moving into his big two-story house. It was more then we had ever known, mom always moved into these small, cramped little apartments. But now it was different, I would be starting a new life. Of course, I would get to stay in Winderlowe, but David lived on the other side of town. Away from my former friends, and former school.

I gradually rised from my queen-sized bed, and turned around to remake the bed. I liked coming home and feeling like my room was the cleanest in the entire house. I felt for the ivory/black comforter with flowers that decorate it, and pulled it to the front of the bed.

"Marie! I'll be at Will's house watching the game. If you need any help at the house just give me a call. I love you," I heard David say from the doorway, he stood there waiting for her to say those three words back.

"Babe, I can take care of myself. I will have Kassia's help anyways, love you too," My mom replied in such a sweet, loving tone. And with that, David left. Closing the door as it echoed throughtout the house.

I strided over to my closet, and looked at the clothes I hung up last night. About two outfits in all, the rest were in the boxes that took up half of my room. I sighed loudly and dramatically, walking back towards the boxes and bent down to see what was inside. Once I saw my favorite Nirvana Concert tee, I scooped in up along with some jeans.

Once I got dressed and changed out of my Winnie the Pooh PJ's, I grabbed my black all-stars from behide my bed and headed downstairs. Jogging fast down the stairs, it sounded like I was jumping on them.

Mom was in the kitchen, not bothering to do her hair. Leaving her beautiful blonde hair hanging past her shoulders and letting it frame her face. No matter what time of the day, my mom always looked beautiful. I never understood how she had blonde hair and my hair was a dark brown. They weren't even remotely close in color. I just always assumed I got my dads natural hair color, though mom never talks about him. She doesn't like dwelling in the past but for someone who hasn't met their own dad, it would be nice to hear about him.

"Hey, sweetie. How did you sleep?" Mom gathered her phone and car keys into her hand, and gave me her winning smile.

"Fine," I said, trying to sound uninterested. Not wanting to tell her about my nightmares, although I need someone to tell; its not going to be mom.

"Thats good, ready to go? I'm ready to get this party started!" Mom said enthused and walked towards the front door.

I tried to stiffle a laugh and just simply responded back,"Mom, please don't."

Once we drove half an hour to get to our old apartment building, it seemed a little different. It still was painted the boring tan with cream on all the doors, vines crawling up the sides stopping at the top on the third level. Not holding any flowers with them, at least that would have added color to the place. This place had a more darker quality to it.

I opened the car door, and slid right on out. Placing my feet on the paved road and springing out of the car, smirking that I didn't fall face first. I ran my fingers through my hair, knowing the true reason why I came back here. Jackson Levi from my school lives here with his family and he doesn't leave until 4 PM for his football game.

"Kass, what are you doing here!" I heard a familar voice boom from behide and me and strong arms slide around my tiny waist. I laughed at his excitement and held his hands in place, before slipping out from them and turning around to give him a big bear hug. Jackson was so tall that I always just lift myself up on my tippie-toes to reach his shoulders.

"Missed you too Jax," I whispered into his ear and conncted my elbow with his. He was beaming down at me, not being able to get rid of that goofy smile. I'm sure I looked the same way. He led me upstairs and to my apartment, number 209.

The front door was left a little open, I knew my mom was already inside. We walked in together, my mom stopped puting away the picture frames in the living room and gave Jackson a nice, warm smile.
"Jackson, always great to see you. You know you are welcomed anytime you wanna stop by." She said noticing how close we were together, but he was my best friend. I love being close to him, while I mentally gave props to mom for giving him an invite.

"Nice to see you too, Marie. How's the new place turning out?" Jackson asks polietly, while slowly inching towards my room.

"It looks wonderful Jackson, thank you. How are your parents?" Before anyone else can respond, I interrupt.

"Hey Jax, I really need help with the last boxes. So mom we will just be in here," I give her a quick smile, and pull Jax away with fast-paced steps.

We strided into my old room, the fresh smell of a new coat of paint still lingered on the walls. We had to paint over the walls, the original color was lime green with white poka-dots. There were still coke stains visible on the carpet from all my sleepovers with Vanora, my best friend since 1st grade but everyone just calls her Vannie.

"Home sweet home," Jackson said looking at the bare room and letting his eyes wander to the few boxes in the corner,"Stuffed animals? That's what was so heavy you had to have my help?"

I laughed silently and punched him softly on his upper shoulder. He was wearing a thin, white shirt and dark-washed jeans. The shirt was loose but also showed off all the days we spent at the gym for football. I left my fingers on the shirt a few more seconds then I should have, letting a warmth flow through me and send a tingling feeling behind.

"Need I remind you half of those were valentine day presents from who? Oh yeah, you," I said smiling at the memories that flooded my mind. Every year it became a tradition to give me a stuffed animal and a cute note attached. I still have all the notes, dating back to when we were in 7th grade.

"I will never stop doing that, you know. Just check your mailbox and you will get your stuffies that you love so much!" He stated playfully, and reached down to pick up a box full of small knick-knacs but mainly the stuffed animals. I picked up the next box and we walked into the living room, a frown spread unto my face when I realized mom was also done with packing. That only meant we would be leaving in just a few minutes, and there's no telling when I might see Jackson again. What if he forgets all about me, and just moves on with his life while I remain the girl next door.

Jackson started thinking the same, the looked over at me and we exchanged fake smiles and walked out of the apartment in silence. Half way down the stairs Jax tried to ease the silence.

"Hey you know you can call me whenever, I always pick up your calls." This made me feel very giddy inside, and I would have to take him up on that offer, "Plus I will show up at this new school of yours and try to embarrass you anyway possible."

We both laughed at this," Don't think I won't stop by and cheer on my favorite football player," I replied smiling as we reached the last step and headed to the car.

After setting the boxes into the trunk, mom started making her way downstairs. Jackson and I hugged each other as if it was the last time seeing each other. It felt good being wrapped in his arms, he always knew how to make me feel safe. No matter the situation, I could always come to him.

"Hey you, don't miss me too much! I'm gona take your mom on her offer and probably stop by this weekend if thats okay Mrs. Marie?" He asked hoping inside that her answer was yes, heck so was I.

"Of course Jackson, anytime! Invite your family if you would like," She said with a kind smile before looking at me and opening her car door,"Let's go Kass! I will probably have to drop into the office this afternoon."

I waved goodbye to Jackson as he drove away, he still held that amazing smile on his face while we were backing up. I tried to capture as many photos as I could and just store them in my mind for a rainy day.

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