The Dumbest Story Ever

WARNING this story is extremly dumb

Chapter 1

Chapter Banana

by: KOMAkid
One day I was a penguin. I visited my neighbor mister potato and he said...
"Penguin stop hot saucing on my lawn"
"My moms dead" I replied
After that I took a bus to Kansas Town. I went to my friend Scooter's house. I went on his laptop and deleted everything and replaced it with videos of penguins doing it. After Scooter kicked me out his house I decided to follow my dream of being a proffesional chainsaw juggler. Long story short I'm being sued but don't worry the judge is my uncle's half brother's son's wife's cousin's former roomate. Ok so I was wrong and now I'm going to prison. In my jail cell I met my cellmate whos name was Childkiller. I wonder what he was in for. After about a week I decided to break out. I pulled out my trusty how to break out of prison kit. I couldn't decide what to use as a weapon a sword, axe, bat, machine gun, bazooka, chainsaw, or a pot lid. I pulled out the acid to pour on the cell bar. I tightly clutched my pot lid as I escaped. The cops chased after me but the ran back when I left a picture of my mom in a bikini. As they puked I jumped on a moving van. Long story short I go by Puma now and I live in a different state now.

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