Trapped In Here. (edit)

I'm apologise. /:

Chapter 1

The Beginning.

I awoke in what looked to be an abandoned hospital. I looked around and realized I was strapped to a hospital bed. I heard a pained scream. I took out my pocket knife and cut the ropes that bind me to the bed. I quickly got up and looked around the room. There was a note. 


I quickly dropped the note, and scanned the room several times before leaving it without a second thought. I shut the door and felt a tap on my shoulder. I looked round to see a woman, half of her brain was hanging out of her bloody head. her head was slanted, like her cheek had been stapled to her neck. She was wearing a tattered nurses uniform. I screamed and stabbed her with my pocket knife. A hole appeared in her arm, worms and insects started to crawl out of it. I shouted for help. I stabbed her again and this time, her left eye popped out of it's socket. The chord that was attached to her eye was a moldy brown. I shot her in the face with a gun I found in the room. She fell, then the lights went out. I saw a face, my brother's face. It looked to be in pain. I shouted for him, but more tears rolled silently down his pale cheeks. He then vanished, leaving no trace that he was ever here. I ran up the stairs, I ran straight into another zombie-nurse. I was out of ammo, so I stabbed her. And watched as her gory remains spread across the floor like a carpet. I simply walked round the corpse and ran to the lift, I entered it. I thought it was safe. I pressed the button that read 'Exit'. A samurai sword cut through my skin. I then awoke in my friend's car. With a scar on my face...


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