Chapter 1


There was a time when Earth was all there was. She was alone, Mother Earth was. Soon, as time went on, my brother was born. They call him Wind, though to us he has many other names. He is the oldest of us siblings, the joker and free spirit. Always playing tricks on the humans and creatures that roam below. Next, my sister, Water, came to be. She is the more refined one, quiet and smooth. She is telling my brother and I to calm down constantly. But there are times we get her to have a little fun and cause some hurricanes and stuff like that. Mother doesn't like it, though. Water doesn't like getting in trouble so she blames it all on us. Ugh, annoying. But then, shall I introduce myself? I'm Fire, the youngest element out of us. I cause so much trouble, my siblings need to watch me closely. Most of the time they put me out, but not before I have some fun. I'm the most annoying one of us but if that's what it takes, I'm happy to deal. Humans call us the four elements, running the world they think they are in control of. At first, we were respected. Worshipped, even. Wind let that go to his head most of the time, though Water and Mother are more popular with the people. It was a nice run for us, I admit. I learned a neat little trick that allows me to take the form of a human for about a year. Had to return to natural form before a cycle of the seasons, though. Bad things start happening when I'm gone too long.
But when people started forgetting us...keeping us in the back of their minds...we started getting sick. Mother and Water first, their energies fading slowly. Wind and I had kind of joked around about it for a few years but then he started getting sick and I got worried. The humans were polluting us and my siblings and I found it harder and harder to change back into our element forms after a half a cycle as humans. We would soon be shells of ourselves, that eventually disappearing. We would die and I really don't want to die after thousands of years. So this is where the story begins, yes?

"What are you thinking?"
I braided my hair, shrugging. "What do you mean?"
Wind raised an eye brow, his wild gold hair hanging in his multicolored eyes. "I know that face. What are you planning?"
I shook my head. "Nothing that you will approve of."
"Just tell me, Fire."
"Fine fine," I snap, flickering heat trailing on my finger tips. "Well, I was thinking that maybe if we went into human form and confronted the human population, we could get them to think of us again. That will get them to stop polluting us. Maybe praise us again."
"You are so selfish," he said, tsking. "Besides, you know what Mother said. Human form drains us too much."
"I am not selfish," I say with a frown.
"You are so selfish," Water laughed.
"Am not!"
"Are too!" They said together.
I crossed my arms. "I am so not as selfish as Wind."
Water nodded, black hair falling in her midnight blue eyes. "That is true."
"No, it is not!" Wind protested, some air blasting our hair back.
I laughed, flipping my braid back over my shoulder. "Okay, whatever you say."
"But honestly," Wind continued seriously. "You can't just go waltzing up and expect them to listen. Humans just don't have the brains they used to."
"Plus, imagine how dangerous it would be," Water said, shaking her head. "You could get hurt or you could fade out, even."
"Well whatever could happen wouldn't be worse than when Mother finds out you went back without her permission," Wind said with a knowing look. "Last time you nearly burnt Utah to the ground."
I shrugged. "They needed something to do, I did them a favor. But think about it. If we just stay back and let the ignorant mortals think that it's only weather and stuff that cause everything to happen, we will fade out and we will die. So I think I should go, just to try, you know?"
"No, Fire," Wind said firmly, already beginning to revert back to his form. "I will not have you making a fool of yourself and risk your health. You aren't going and that's final."
"Since when did you become so serious?" I complained.
"About 100 years ago, when Mother put me in charge," he said with a smirk in Water's direction.
"I still think that's unfair," she complained, starting to melt into the ground. "I should be in charge, you know?"
"Totally," I said, rolling my eyes.
"Oh shut up," she said, slapping me. She sizzled on my arm and melted more into the soil.
"See you later," Wind said, completely shifting and whisking leaves and anything he could find from the ground. "Don't be stupid, Fire! Water, watch her!"
I crossed my arms as he left altogether.
"I never get to do anything," I muttered.
Water reverted back to human form and sat next to me on the log. Her eyes churned and crashed like waves.
"That's not true."
"It is," I insisted. "I'm the little sister who everyone has to baby sit and I'm sick of it. Why can't I do something cool or important?"
She rolled her eyes. "You over exaggerate way too much."
"I do not!" I shriek, my braid turning hot against my back.
She patted it out and laughed. "Sure, sure."
The sky was orange and pink, sun set my favorite time of day. The clouds were lined in gold and the sun in the sky gave me energy. Although I am the least polluted one of my family, the smog and stuff in the air that blocks the sun's light weakens me. Days like these are the best. We were in the woods, a place in Europe,one of the rare spots untainted by humans. My brother and sister found it when roaming around and is now like our hide out. Mother could listen in on our conversations, but she has little energy any more to use all her body. Plus. That's just rude.
"I think it's a smart idea," Water said slowly, watching my expression carefully.
"What, my idea?" I said, disbelievingly. "Really?"
"Yes. Wind and Mother are stubborn and won't think of the good it will do."
"Yes,yes!" I said excitedly. "That's what I'm saying! Now, if we are going to do this, how are we going to make it so Wind and Mother don't find out?"
"Whoa, whoa, slow down," she said with an amused look. "I didn't say I would go with you, I just said it was smart."
"But I take that as a you will and I'm not taking no for an answer. Plus, you know you want to as well."
"That is true, but planning and thinking of the risks of the many different situations are only a few things to think of."
"Not really," I said, getting really excited. "That is all we need to do. But again, how will we avoid Mother and Wind?"
"Well, if we just go into the human forms and attach somewhere, they couldn't possibly extract us without attracting any attention."
I momentarily burst into my natural state and back again, Water glaring at me, arms steaming.
"Whoo! We gonna have some fun!"
"Hold on, Fire."
I was leaping around the clearing and paused, hanging upside down from a tree branch. "What is it now?"
She had a worried look. "I don't think you are under standing this. We could fade out. We need to make every second count."
I swung down from the branch, finding it charred and smoking. "I know, I know. We should like...think of names and stories and basically reinvent ourselves as normal teenagers."
"Nope, let's just relax, be normal."
She rolled her eyes. "Alright, alright. You are right."
"You I love," I said with a smile, bursting out of my human state and traveled across Europe with excitement.

I looked in the lake, examining my reflection. As a human, we all looked different. Wind had these eyes that shifted and changed like he does, always a different color. It didn't bother me, I was used to it already. Water had the feel to her that she was always drifting, her thoughts cool and calmed. Dark black hair and churning deep blue eyes. Mother was majestic in her simple beauty, though much prettier than the mortal women. I flipped my sandy blonde hair back, admiring the way the gold and red streaks glittered and shimmered in the light. My eyes were a molten gold and I was some what tan. I looked about the age of a seventeen year old,Water eighteen. Wind...well, he could look twenty one day and eighteen the next. Get a lot of attention going into a mall, I can tell you that.
I flipped my braid back again, it bursting in flickering fire. Well, me, actually. I smiled, walking down the street. I was somewhere in California USA, I don't really know where. Nor do I care. But the sun was warm on my back and the sky was wide before me. Wind whipped around me occasionally, loving to annoy me. He may be fun to hang out with, but he gets too serious and besides. Water is better to talk to. Plus, easy to trick.
Trees swayed as I walked the path of the forest, incinerating soda cans and plastic bags with a couple flares. God, people are too lazy to find a trash can or something. I'll bet if I don't go around occasionally, this stuff would be everywhere. Ha, and they say I'm lazy.
"Thanks for nothing, Mother," I muttered.
The ground under me rumbled and I rolled my eyes. "Yeah yeah."
She and Wind hadn't found out yet. Water was taking her sweet time thinking things over and I was getting impatient. It's only been a day, but if felt like forever. Which is weird because I've been around for centuries and taken that in stride. I chose a spot with a wide view of the ocean, sun setting on it, turning it gold. Water was calm, as far as I could tell. She just rolled gently, occasionally smashing against the cliff rocks. I was bored, picking at the grass, frying some blades with my fingers. Sighing, I spread out on the ground, staring at the sky. Different time zone, different sun set. Get to see it over again, huh?
"Fire, let's race."
I leaped to my feet. "You gonna lose, Wind."
He pushed me around, laughing. "Wanna test that?"
I burst into my natural state with a grin. Flaring brightly, I shot straight up into the sky. He chased me, my flames like a comets tail. I laughed at him, racing over Water. She smiled up at us, running under us and spraying us constantly. Wind winked at us and plunged straight into her and shooting back up, Water hitting me in droplets. Her laughter echoed in my ear and I scowled, hovering in the sky.
''Not fair.''
''Come on,'' Wind said, bumping me.
''Not fair!'' I cried, flaring bright.
He did a back wards loop and casually drifter past. ''You know it is.''
''Play nice, kids,'' I hear Mother call from the cliff, voice vibrating through Water and Wind like someone hit a tuning fork against a table.
''Sorry,'' Wind and Water called back.
''Fire, mind your brother and sister,'' Mother said with a knowing voice.
''I don't screw'' everything ''up, okay?'' I complain.
''Fire,'' she and Water scolded as Wind just laughed, zipping away to Africa, most likely.
''Fine fine,'' I mutter, streaming back across the sky, energy reaching across the world with the Sun's rays. Let's go do something fun, shall we?

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