The Tiger and The Wolf

The Tiger and The Wolf

This is a story about a young teenage girl with a flat chest and short hair like a boy but is black with white tiger stripes. How she has come from a horrible past.
Also how a young boy the same age as her. Who has also lived a tragic life full of pain, sorrow and death.
They go out into the world to save others............and to find the path and truth of their future and their past

Tell me if it needs changing or if it is bad or good
Thanks :)

Chapter 1

The Black Alleyway

by: Kat241
A young girl burst around a corner faster than a bullet and looked over her shoulder.
Now this young girl wasn’t an ordinary every-day girl that is more worried about going to parties, having under-age drinking and doing drugs….No. She had short hair that was black with white tiger stripes she wore black shorts that were fading and badly needed a wash, a shirt that was loose and was originally a dark blue but had faded to a lighter blue, like the ocean. She also didn’t wear shoes and never had worn shoes.
She saw two shadows darting towards her. 'Come on faster' she yelled to herself and with a burst of speed she sped around another corner. "Oi she's getting away" yelled one of the shadows pursuing her "if we don't catch her we are as good as dead".
There was a shuddering bang into the night sky, a scream of agony and the young girl skidded across the ground and stopped at a cold brick wall.
"NICE SHOT" one of the pursuers exclaimed and they came out of the shadows. A young man about 20 years old dirty blond hair that was in a military crew cut and pale skin that shone in the night sky, and holding a gun in his right hand. The other man was in his late 40's with grey hair, also in a military cut; he had a short beard with a moustache and built in the shoulders with slightly tanned skin. They both wore black suits with a white shirt and black tie.
"Thought you could ran aye?” the young man sneered at the girl, she was leaning against the wall holding her left leg which was bleeding. "Well you caught me what do you want” she spat, “well from what evidence we have got you killed a man and you must pay the price and rumors that you have killed others” the old man sneered with a grin on his face. “And did you think that maybe l had a good reason to kill man?” “We don’t need a reason missy” the younger man giggled “my name isn’t missy” she growled back “it’s Tiger”
Faster than she could react the older man stepped in and punched her in the gut, "bet you didn't like that aye" the old man spat in her face "and they call you Tiger, you-are-just-a-weak-little-brat-of-a-child" and as he spat each word the younger man kick Tiger wherever he fancied. Until she lay on the ground barely conscious, Blood coming from her leg, nose and her mouth with an ugly cut on her forehead running into her hair, leaking drops of blood.
Tiger lifted her head with a great effort and looked straight into the eyes of the young man as he turned to walk away. He was transfixed, her eyes were a blue he had never seen before an electric blue with a slight manic glint in them but instead of the fire he saw in the eyes of others he had chased, a fire of despair, anger or fear. In her eyes a different light flickered……..lightning. It stormed in her eyes flashing across them striking anywhere. Unpredictable, dangerous and endless as if the eyes of the young girl had seen millions of years of hard ship. A million years of hurt.
With a harsh tug on his sleeve by his older campaign he turned away and left the young girl in the black alleyway. He never forgot those eyes. They haughtied him everywhere, the electric blue eyes with lightning flashing in them, the eyes of the young girl who he had left behind to die.

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