Caught Off Guard: A Niall Horan Love Story - Part 2

Chapter 1

Part Two:The First Date

by: feed_me
On the way home from the concert, I was in shock. I was so shaky and nervous for tomorrow night, I had asked Kayla to drive. "Shelbs, this is so awesome! What are the chances? Do you think Zayn likes me? What are you going to name your kids?!" I actually laughed. "Give me a chance to answer!" I laughed again "I honestly don't know whether or not Zayn likes you, but there is no reason for him to not like you! And who said anything about kids?!" Kayla smiled at me. "You guys would make the actual cutest couple, like, ever." I blushed and smiled at her. "Really?" she looked at me like I was from another planet. "Are you stupid?" I laughed again. I've never liked my laugh. Its kind of a quiet giggle. Kayla interrupted my thinking "So, are you going to text him tonight?" she looked at me for a second. "Um, I don't know, would that seem creepy?" "Can't you see? He's crazy about you!" I blushed, I have a tendency to do that alot. "Are you serious?" I couldn't hide my huge goofy smile. "Yes, text him now! I pulled out my phone. and texted him.
Me: Hey, It's the girl from the concert!
I waited anxiously for a reply. I heard my phone buzz. I had a mini heart attack as I looked.

Niall: Oh Hey! :) I never did catch your name. Sorry

Me: My name is Shelby. And it's okay!

I got a response almost immediately.

Niall: A beautiful name for a beautiful girl.
I was melting, he was so sweet it hurt.

Me: Niall, you're too sweet! ;)
We got to Kayla's house and she looked over my shoulder at the screen of my iPhone, "What's he saying?" Just then, my phone buzzed again.
Niall: Shelby, you have no idea how happy I was when you said yes. I can't wait for tomorrow. I reckon you're tired. You need your rest, I would say beauty rest. But you don't need any of that, you're perfect as you are.
Me and Kayla both "awww-ed"

When we got inside, Kayla grabbed some clothes and we got into her car and drove to my house.

At my house, we spent hours talking about the concert, and what I would do and wear the next day. We fell asleep discussing. I woke up with a text message from Niall on my phone. It said "Good Morning Gorgeous! Is it alright if I pick you up at around 3:30"
I replied with shaky fingers. "Yeah, That's great!
I checked the time on my alarm clock. Only 10:30, I have a long time! I woke up Kayla. "Shelbs, Must you wake me up everyday?" I laughed. "You have to help me get ready" I showered, picked out my clothes, and then I ate lunch. Kayla did my nails and I got dressed. After my hair was dried, Kayla curled it. I looked at my phone and I got a text from Niall "Wear something comfortable" I was glad I had picked out a pair of flowery shorts and a loose, coral colored top. Kayla started on my makeup. "Cover up my freckles please." I said quietly" She looked at me with a warm smile. "Nope!" I groaned. "Ughh, Fine."

At 3:25 I heard a knock on the front door. "COMING!" I yelled. I opened the door and Niall was there. He was wearing a red polo shirt and khaki shorts. He looked perfect as usual. "Am I overdressed?" I asked, hoping I looked okay. "No, Shelby, You look gorgeous." He led me to his car. I was surprised he drove himself, but I think I like it better that way. I like things simple.

As we were driving, Niall continually tried to make me laughed. He was successful.
Niall stopped the car at the beach. He ran around to the other side of the car before I could get out and opened the door for me. He was so sweet and generous.

On the beach he laid out a blanket, and of course, food. We sat down and ate. After we were finished. Niall asked me the basic questions, Age, Favorite Color, Favorite Band, If I played any sports, and What I like in a guy. We sat for awhile just looking at the water, but I felt he was looking at me. I turned to face him and I was right. "Sorry, You're just so gorgeous." I blushed and laughed, my terrible laugh. "I'm serious, You're adorable, Your freckles, your laugh, the way you crinkle your nose, your smile, when you blush. I've already fallen for you and I've only known you for a day. I don't understand why a girl like you, could ever like a guy like me. I can't even-" I cut him off by softly pressing my lips against his. He kissed back. We kissed for the longest time. I leaned over him and we kissed some more. I laid back and just smiled.

After awhile of looking up at the stars, I got tired. I fell asleep. Niall softly woke me up. "Hey Shelby, Let's go. Tomorrow you can meet the lads. "Okay," I said with a tired voice.

In the car it was silent. I caught Niall looking at me a few times. It made me blush every time. When he dropped me off, he gave me another kiss. I had fallen for him already. I went inside and saw a note on the table, "Hey hun, Me and your dad went out tonight there's food in the fridge if you're hungry, Hope you had fun on your date! xoxoxo Mommy" I smiled and got in the shower. I crawled into bed and fell asleep instantly.


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