Change [Underediting] Novel (First Paragraph) Tell Me What You Think

Grace is a young optimistic British girl, who's life is beautiful. Her father is her ultimate hero, and loves him dearly. Yet, when he is forced to join the great war, Grace's life is changed completely. She has to live in fear of her father in the awful war, and witnesses such destruction. Through her time of darkness, she hopes for this war to end, and that her father will come home safe, but she still finds it quite difficult in a time of crisis, like this one.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

On ordinary days, she would sit in her wooden chair next to the squared window, covered with floral drapes in her bedroom, and her chin in hand. She would sit there, until the sunset. She couldn't help, but wonder at the world, and something about sunsets, gave her a feeling. Perhaps, determination, or just happiness. Sunsets, made her pleasant about everything. Not one negative thought, ever crossed her optimistic mind. There was no need for change in her life. No, because change would only happen, if her life wasn't already so beautiful. Nothing will ever change, she'd convince herself, until she believed her own words. My life will stay put, the way it is now, she thought. It's a gift to have only happy thoughts, and therefore she was thankful for that.
It's June 2nd, 1914. Grace was more determined than ever. Yet, she didn't know what for. She arranged a time to finish the story she had been trying to write, a month ago. She had stopped at a certain point. She didn't know where the story was going. She didn't know the plot yet. She only had three words written, but today she was sure of what it was to be about. Grace had a love for writing, and she was indeed very good at it.

This is only the first paragraph.
Tell me what you think. I'll write more tomorrow. I'm not quite satisfied with the title, so I may change it. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this first paragraph.
Thank You!


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