hot story with louis tomlinson no.1

hot story with louis tomlinson no.1

You`re like HOT stories, actually with louis!!!

Chapter 1


You are manager of a big office, in one summer evening you and your best friend and workmate went to a cafe and saw one of your friends and invited by her to a party.
In the night:you enter to party hall,WOW! There is all kinds of drinks, chocolates, foods, best DJ and actually hot boys, but all of them are with a b***h, damn it!
You say hello and do something on your phone and you are tired and your best friend comes with his bf too so you arer alone.
...Door opens...last guest enters...he is louis tomlinson, all of the girls go and kill their self to be with him and just you stand by your side, he sees you and he is coming to you, you see him and say hello to him."Hi, I'm louis" he said. "Hi I'm _, nice to meet you." He gives a wine,"you don't want to dance?" You smile and don't know what to do, finally say ok. Just now the music changed to romantic music and he askes you to dance you smile and dance...warm hug.. Blue eyes...nice smile...pertfect smell,you can feel your heatrbeats, he is so kind and has great soul, "do I love him?" Music ends but you still looking to his eyes and no move,"thanks for dancing with me"he said. You know your situation and say ok,your welcome,thank you.
In other side they are playing 7 minutes in heaven,both of you wanna to go there but shy,by talking and walking go there and get number and they choose you to go to closet! All the girls are jelouse on you and want to kill you. You go up stairs and you are stressfullllllll...after 5 minutes: he comes up and open the closet, he has champain in his hands "so...what we wanna to do now?"He asks. "Maybe like other people...


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