The Little things ~ Niall Horan Love story

Hey guys! i usually don't write about One direction but i had this idea. i wanted to be creative so i thought outside the box(:Not all stories have happy endings:( If this is confusing the first chapter I promise you'll understand it the second chapter. This story is about Niall and a girl named Audrey.So if you don't like this story please tell me. I will write a new story. anyway i hope you enjoy!(;

Chapter 1

The Little Things

Dalton's P.O.V

"The sadness in the room is unbearable. My mom is crying, my brothers and sisters are crying, and my dad is dead. Yeah. I'm Dalton Horan. The son of Niall Horan. He had 4th stage when he found out. His best friend Harry, Liam, Lous, and Zayn was here.Along with Eleanor, Courtney, and the other wives. Everybody was crying my dad was a lovable person. Everybody he met loved him. My mom is Audrey Horan. I was the first born. My mom and dad had quite the age difference. 5 years apart. My dad was only 50 when he died. My parents had me quite young. Oh- I got to go the funeral is about to start

Audrey's P.O.V

How could he be gone? he's only 50. I'm currently 45. My wish was to grow old with Niall. We've been married for 27 years. I loved Niall with all my heart. No not loved. Love. Oh great here comes the tears. I've already cried the great lakes of Michigan over this. I just can't believe He's gone. I have an interview after the funeral. Can you believe people? I would've thought this fame from marrying a boy in a band thing would have died down a long time ago. But it hasn't. Not all fairy tales end in happily ever after. I love you Niall James Horan.

After the funeral : The interview. ----->
"Audrey, Can you tell us the story Of Niall from the time you met him to now." Oh great this is just what i need.

Sorry it was short it will pick up soon. next chapter begins the story and it will present time (2012) tata for now(:

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