A New Kind of WonderLand

A New Kind of WonderLand

Sometimes you cannot describe a story with words. You just have to read it, to know what it's about.

Chapter 1

Chapter One: When a Story Begins, It's best left unchanged.

by: Stitches
I watched the other kids my age play. They didn't like me very much. I was too... What's the word they call me? Oh right, demented. I don't know why. My nanny used to tell me I was her favorite out of everyone else in the orphanage. Even though she died in a car accident three years ago, it still seems like she's here. My new nanny isn't as great. In fact, I hate her! Always acting nice and sweet in front of company but then turns mean and sour when they leave!

She doesn't feed us enough, she's always complaining about how disgusting we are, always saying "You'll never get adopted acting like that!" or "Why do I have to put up with you demons?" Nanny Sarah doesn't like kids, I know that for a fact. I'm her favorite though. I don't know why.

"Evanne, do you mind coming inside for a bit?" I even hate her voice. It's all scratchy and hoarse like nails on a chalkboard! She's ugly too. Wrinkles everywhere, gray hair and weird marks all over her skin. Why anyone would compliment her "beauty" is beyond me. But I'll keep my thoughts to myself. After all, I was taught by my old nanny never to say mean things. It only hurts others. Even if I want to see Nanny Sarah cry a few tears, I won't.

"Of course, Nanny Sarah." I stood up and dusted off my brown dress. The nanny hates us to come in dirty. If we do we don't get any food for a day and she takes all our things. And if we're really bad, she uses her paddle to beat us until we can't feel our butts. But I won't complain. I don't want the paddle anymore. It hurts too much.

I walked up to Nanny Sarah, giving my best 'Little Lady' smile, even if it's fake and go inside. "Evanne, deary, do you mind taking off your shoes? You know I don't like dirty things in my Orphanage." It's not your orphanage. It's Nanny Hillary's. You just stole it from her after she died. But I didn't say anything and just took my boots off before heading upstairs. What Nanny Sarah wants, Nanny Sarah gets. That's the rule in this Orphanage.

I stomped up the rest of the stairs, their creeks and squeaks music to my ears. Much better than her voice, that's for sure. "Hey Evanne, want to play a game?" I looked at who spoke once I reached the top. Silvester. He was a shady kid. Always forcing others to play his silly games and winning everything off their back. Because he cheats.

"Sure, why not. What do you want to play for?" I replied, swiftly walking towards him and two other boys before sitting on my knees. "I'll take that nice stuffed bear of yours if I win. If I lose...hmm, I'll get you a stray cat. How does that sound?" I snort in amusement, like that slime-ball could ever catch one. He'll probably scream and chicken out once one looks at him.

"Sure, what game?" I only say yes because I know I can win.



"No way! You cheated! No one's ever won against me!"

I smiled my 'Little Lady' smile. "Oh I didn't cheat. I used to play this game all the time with Nanny Hillary." Silvester scowled. He looks idiotic when he scowls. "Now, I think you owe me a kitty-cat." The boy got up, walking downstairs. I smirked, one my old nanny used to say was worthy of a Cheshire cat. Though I don't know what that is.

"That was amazing, Evanne! How did you beat him?"

"Yeah! Awesome!"

I grinned at the two boys. "Oh, I was just lucky. Luck is everything, you know." That's what I always believed anyway. I stood up from my crouching position and walked to my room. Though, I had a feeling something was going to happen. In fact, I knew something was different.


Sunlight drifted through my shut eyelids. Groaning, I sat up, my eyes meeting light golden ones. "Erm, Hi cat." He purred back, almost as if laughing. He was a gray cat with black markings all over him, and the skinniest thing I'd ever seen. This cat was also pretty big.

"Hello, Evanne."

Did...that cat just talk?

I blinked, seeing that it wasn't the cat but Silvester. Of course, animals can't talk. I was just being silly. "Like your cat? I got the ugliest one I could find. It suites you well." I smirked, petting the mangy thing. "Yes, very. He reminds me of you. Especially the fleas. You have tons." His grin faded to only be replaced by a scowl.

"Not funny."

"I find it very."

He left with that, only telling me I had won. The cat began grinning, seemingly laughing too. As if it found that funny. Though I doubt it even could understand that. "That was Amusing. Do you mind entertaining me more? Evanne, was it?"

Now he talked. I was sure of it. "Uh, yeah...did you just...?"

"Talk? Yes. But that's natural for a Cheshire Cat."

"...a what?"


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