Scary Stories I Know - MWAHAHAHAHAHA

Yeah, my friend and I (her name is Zoe) know MANY MANY scary stories...we know so many that sometimes we sit in a corner at night rocking back and forth waiting for the spirits to get us. But don't feel bad for us, it's our fault because during the day we just HAVE to hear scary stories. Most of these are stories Zoe and I know, but some are from other people we know.

Chapter 1

Eyes (True Story found by the one and only me)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Story

One day, there was a five year-old girl. She loved scary things. They just didn't seem to ever...scare her. But her mom was afraid that someday out of nowhere she'd start to get scared. She never did, that brave little girl named Christina.

Her mom was scared she wasn't normal, but she couldn't keep Christina away from these things. So every day she ever did anything scary, her mom would make her take her doll with her so that the normal people would think she was also fairly normal. Her doll had a pink nightgown and it had a sewn on mouth. Its eyes weren't normal eyes, though. They were marbles somehow sewn on to her face. Even though it doesn't sound like it, it was a beautiful doll that Christina grew close to and never wanted to let go of.

One day, Christina went to school and came home with happiness in her eyes. She told her mom that when she went to school she heard about a haunted house that she wanted to go to. She had heard that the spirits were still wandering around, waiting for someone-or something-to possess.

After hours of begging, her mom finally said yes.

That night, she put on a pink shirt and a pink tutu and her mini little leather jacket and her cute little skinny jeans and cute little high-tops. Her mom just picked up her doll and gave it to her.

When they got to the haunted house, her mom took her inside. Instantly, things started to get weird. Stuff started flying off counters and her mom almost got hit in the forehead with a knife. That just set her mom off. She grabbed her hand and started to drag her off. Suddenly, Christina's eyes got wide and she dropped her doll. Her eyes were slowly turning into black pits as she gasped. Her mom picked up the doll and Christina and carried them both out.

But what she didn't know was that nothing was happening to Christina that had to do with the haunted house.


Later, when Christina was twelve, the whole thing had traumatized her and she had been going to therapy since then. She was teased at school because everyone thought she was crazy. She still had her doll and took it to school every day. Her words were slurred and she walked funny. She wasn't observant, you could be standing next to her for thirty minutes and she wouldn't notice.

But she never had one nightmare, until that night.

Her mom was in bed and heard screaming. She ran into Christina's room and Christina was the one with the piercing sound coming out of her mouth. Her hair was in her face and she was on the floor in a ball, with the doll crushed in her fist.

Her mom calmed her down, until all she was doing was sobbing. The doll's smile seemed to be bigger that night.

Later, when she was nineteen, she was still teased, but that wasn't her problem. Those nights full of screams hadn't stopped, and there were many times where the neighbors had called the cops, thinking she was being tortured or something.

One night, like many others, her mom was awakened to screaming, but this night was different. It was distinctly a scream of pain. She quickly got out of bed and ran for her daughter's bedroom.

The first thing she noticed, though, was that the dolls marble eyes were missing.

Then she looked to Christina, who was screaming in pain and couldn't stop moving, even though there wasn't a scratch on her to prove she was hurt. Christina rolled off the bed and hit her head on her dresser, making her mom scream out of fear. Christina stopped screaming altogether, and her mom noticed her pale skin and her black pit eyes, just like the night that started it all. And before Christina died, she muttered one last slurred word:


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Legend

Legend says that if you make a doll with marble eyes it will do the same to you.

And if you go to Christina's house, if you listen carefully, you can still hear the faint sound of Christina's screams of pain.

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