Chapter 1


It seems like whenever I like someone they always get taken when I think I totally have them. It's really depressing. I really like a girl and I totally think she likes me and then she just gets taken by some other girl. sigh I'm kinda depressed that I haven't had a date in over five years. The last date I had lied to break up with me just so she wouldn't hurt my feelings (little did she know that I'm not that stupid...). I'm depressed in that way. I need a girlfriend. It would make me a lot happier.

The one girl who I know likes me smokes ciggerets all day and drinks till she's drunk. Obviously I'm not going out with her. I'm too good of a person to do anything such as that. Drugs are bad and I am likely never to drink in my life. Too much of a risk for me. I don't want to get drunk and do something I'll regret. But the sad thing is that people look down on me for not drinking. Socities veiw is f#!?ed up sometimes. There is nothing wrong with not drinking in my opinion. I think it's more healthy for you in fact, save wine.

So that's just what I wanted to say. Thank you for listening!

~Amy Out~


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