This is a crossover story between Vampire Knight and Naruto, featuring my OC, Emira, and spicyunicorns' OC, Chantelle-Mercedes.(:DD)
We hope you enjoy!

Chapter 1

Chapter One

Emira yawned, her eyes half-closed. This training was exhausting. Her sensei, Kakashi, was driving her nuts. He wouldn't stop bugging her to exercise her powers. Just because she wasn't a normal ninja, he had to make a big deal. Sasuke had left Group 7, and as most knew, Sai took his place. Sakura had left Konoha to find him, thus leaving the group as well. That left Naruto and Sai, so when Emira showed up at the Hidden Leaf Village's doorstep, Kakashi gladly accepted her into the group. She punched the tree once more, her ice-covered hand almost snapping it in half. She could control the power of ice, much like the vampire Idol-um, Aido-senpai. Her's was a more vast range, however, and she used it to create weapons, such as ice shuriken, and coating her skin in a protective ice shield.
She dropped to the ground, barely conscious. Training was her least favorite thing in the entire world, except Orochimaru, maybe. She started as a voice asked, "You done already?" Glancing up, she grinned when she saw her best friend, Kiba, smiling down at her, Akamaru on his head. "Yeah," she shrugged, "I'm sick of all this."
"Ah, whatever. Wanna go down to Ichiraku Ramen tonight? There's gonna be a whole bunch of people, like Kaname, Zero-even though he doesn't want to-, Naruto, Kakashi, Rock Lee-everybody!" Kiba chuckled. "It's going to be a blast. We're hanging out at Neji's house afterwards."
Her face lit up immediately. "Really? I'd love to! Do I have to bring anything?"
"Just a friend, if you want," he answered, handing Akamaru to her. "Take him, he'll be able to alert you when it's time to leave, and I know you wouldn't dare not come to the party if you had him."
She laughed, and patted the dog on the head. "I got it! See ya around, then!" She stood up and waved as he left, then started walking to her house. Akamaru clambered onto her head as she stepped inside, and as she sat down on the couch, he jumped off and licked her hand. "I guess it's time to go find Chantelle-Mercedes!" she said to him.
Emira stood up again, and grabbed a snack out of the fridge, then stepped outside and began walking to her friend's house, to help her get ready. They both knew that Chantelle-Mercedes was in love with Kaname, and his amazing eyes. Emira was going to help out a bit, and get her to help with luring Kiba, who thought that he was stuck in the friendzone. She couldn't wait to get to the party, so she picked up her pace. She finally arrived at her friend's house about 10 minutes later, and lifted up her hand to knock.

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