Seperated love - Draco Malfoy

A fight between light and dark, good and evil. Two worlds fighting each other. Two lovers affected by it. I hope you guys enjoy this Harry Potter fan-fic cause I enjoyed writing it. Chapters will come out whenever I'm free. I also need two characters so please submit your character info. Thank you.

Chapter 1

Dear Diary...

Dear Diary,

As the sunset outside, I look over the letters that you once sent me. Thinking back about the times that we have spent together, I wonder how things turned out like this. We were once together, happy, laughing, and know look at us. We are quarantined in two separate worlds. I reside in the light, whereas you reside in the dark. We spent many years hiding our feelings for each other. Finally, during our 6th year, we started meeting in secret. If we told our friends, they would be against it. If we told our parents, they would forbid us from seeing each other. Then the worse happened, the headmaster was killed. Enemies came from everywhere and we fled. They came from around, blasting things out of their way. We arrived on the fields. Suddenly, I felt someone yank my arms. My dad was pulling me along with him. I grabbed your hand as hard as I can. I screamed your name. My father tugged harder and my hand slipped out of yours. As I struggled against my father, he pulled even harder. I screamed your name once more. My head started to hurt, I fainted. The next thing I knew, I was in a room with my aunt. I wish that we could meet once more. Night came. I looked out the window at the horizon. Waiting for some glimpse of a creature, any creature. They took my owl away from me, I am unable to send you any letter. Summer is almost over. I could either choose to g back to school and see you again, or I can follow my friends and find a way to stop this war. Now, I wished that we could go back to the beginning.

-Kristy Snape
Draco, I still love you.


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