The Perfect Necklace (An origional story)

Tom, is a 15 year old boy, who lives in the busy town of London England. He has fallen in love with the girl of his dreams.
The olny probelm is, she is of a far more higher status, and she is Lady Emily, daughter of Lord William, and Lady Catherine. And, her compared to poor Tom is by far more. But Tom is in love, and he would do anything for the Lady Emily's delicate hand.

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Chapter 2

The decivingfull plan, which does not involve any bad sort of idea

by: 68687
The white carriage rode past him, and the Lady Emily pulled her head back into the carriage and out of the cold. Tom stood there for a second, lost in his thoughts.

"Tom, come in! Or you'll catch your death!" His mother shouted from inside. Tom hurried back in, realizing how cold he was.

"What were you doing Tom? Are you trying to get pneumonia? Oh, by the way, the tea's done. Bring some up to Charlie," Tom's mother said.

"Yes Mam, I'll bring it up." Tom replied, bringing up the hot cup of tea up to Charlie. It was hard to avoid the broken step while carrying a cup of boiling hot tea.

"Charlie, here's your tea," Tom said. Charlie looked up from the little drawing he was drawing.

"Thanks Tommy." Charlie replied, taking the hot cup into his hands. "You like her, that Lady Emily, don't you Tommy?"

"Uh..." Tom's cheeks flushed red. Charlie's cute little smug smile appeared on his face.

"You do, you defiantly undoubtedly do Tommy." Charlie laughed. Tom smiled and got up. He looked out the window and sighed.

"I'm going to get some new gloves for you Charlie," Tom said giving him an excuse to leave the room. He put on his coat, wrapped his green scarf around his neck, tied his boots back on, and finally, he put on his old hat, imported from Ireland. It used to be his fathers.

"And where are you going?" His mother asked.

"I'm going to get some new gloves for Charlie mam. I got a bit of money left." Tom explained, hoping that his mother wouldn’t catch him lying. He left, and walked down the lane. The wind picked up, and nearly blew his hat off.

The same white carriage was down the lane, and he saw the Lady Emily get out of that carriage, and then a tall finely dressed young man took her hand, and they started walking down the street. Oh, if only he wasn't poor, or dirty or unknown, he might've been walking with Lady Emily!

An Idea then struck him. What if, what if he got employed at her mansion? And get close to her? And then he could present the necklace to her! Oh, the fine golden necklace, with the little ruby that hung from it and the, sadly fake, diamonds which decorated it. It had cost Tom the exact amount of money that could've bought enough food and clothes and more.

Tom turned his attention back to the Lady and the Gentleman whose name he did not fathom. He followed them, trying not to be spotted. And after what seemed to be around fifteen minutes, they entered a big white mansion in the middle of the busy streets in London. The mansion towered over all the other buildings. It looked like the King would even consider residing there, that how nice it looked.

Tom advanced forward, and asked a guard standing in front of the building who lived here.

"None other than Lord and Lady Buckingham, with of course than the young Lady Emily." The guard answered. Tom thanked the guard, and as he hiked home, his head filled with thoughts on how to get close to Lady Emily.

Oh yes, he had to get those gloves too.

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