The Perfect Necklace (An origional story)

Tom, is a 15 year old boy, who lives in the busy town of London England. He has fallen in love with the girl of his dreams.
The olny probelm is, she is of a far more higher status, and she is Lady Emily, daughter of Lord William, and Lady Catherine. And, her compared to poor Tom is by far more. But Tom is in love, and he would do anything for the Lady Emily's delicate hand.

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Chapter 3

Enter Frankie, the run away aristocrat

by: 68687
The wind picked up once again, and then, a light snow fell from the sky. In the middle of the busy London, he saw people putting up Christmas wreaths on their doors, and selling Christmas turkey and decorations.

Tom looked at the turkey longingly, and his stomach rumbled. He hadn't eaten all day. Looking at that turkey brought back a memory for Tom. The first time he'd ever eaten a full roast turkey.

About eight years ago, when he was around seven years old, Tom's father had spent weeks working his back off at the factory, and finally had enough money after months of saving, for a nice Christmas dinner. He bought a roast turkey, a small little box of chocolates, and cranberry sauce and pudding, Tom's most absolute favorite.

Tom's mother, Angela spent the entire day cooking and preparing for the night. And even with all of that money spent, the boys still even got a nice present the next morning. They ate to their hearts content, and the turkey only lasted two days before it was all gone. And Tom had gotten his little train set, something he still kept.

The wind blew Tom's hat off, which broke his thoughts. Not wanting to lose his precious hat, he chased after it. The hat blew into a wall, where it stayed. He saw a boy standing there, holding the hat.

"Oy, you, is this yours?" The boy asked. He seemed to be around Tom's age. Tom nodded. “‘Ere ya go then," The boy handed Tom the hat.

"What’s your name?" The boy asked. He had flaming red hair, grey eyes and freckles which dotted his nose. He looked well off, with a fine blue coat, and sort of clean shoes, they had spots of mud and snow on them. His hair was messed, and he had mud on his face.

"Tom," Tom replied. The boy smiled.

"Blimey, my brothers named Tom. Well, I'm Frankie, but my real name's Francis. A rather stupid name in my opinion. “The boy, whose name we now know to be Frankie said.

"Nice to meet you Frankie." Tom said, shaking Frankie's extended arm.

"What're you looking for? Other than your hat, d'you need anything? You see, I have been avoiding my father and mother all day, they want me at the bank, so 'Frankie can learn all about how to spend our family's fortune and how then we can go to that stupid dinner party so Frankie can find a girl and maybe get married and blah blah blah' so to say." Frankie explained. Tom laughed.

"So, I'm guessing you don't want to find a stupid dinner party girl and learn how to spend your family's fortune?" Tom asked.

"Aye, mate. The last thing I wanna do is do all of that! Sometimes, I do not think my parents have any idea how boring they can be!" Frankie said.

"Eh, at least you can impress girls. I got no chance in heaven of impressing a decent one," Tom responded.

"You wouldn't like it. Even with all the food and clothes and pampering, it is still stupid." This Frankie, Tom thought, is a nice fellow. Funny.

But, little did he know, Frankie had a fancy for Lady Emily too.

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