Ask any of my characters anything you want!!!!! :P

okay, so you can ask my characters (even me) anything you want, from any of my stories! ^-^
my characters names:
Lev, Blake, Nathaniel, Cody, Zack, Stephen, Kyle, Derak, Levi, Percy, Bryan, Leonis, Sayane, Seth, Nightshade, Darkheart, Goldenkiss, Luna, Adne, Deathshadow, Silverfang, Juliana, james (also known as Pepper), Layla, Amy, Tatsuya, Wolf Alpha, Julia, Nightingale, Leon, and ME!!!!!! :P if there is any I forgot, you can ask them :P

Chapter 1

:P ^-^ O.o O.O o.o O.e T-T :3 >.> (my title is having mood swings!!!!)

okay, just state who you're talking to and ask the question, then I'll write their answer ^-^ you can ask them anything, like deep dark secrets, how they feel about you (message me details about you and your personality), and MORE!!!!! just nothing quibblo will block though.... that is the only catch! ^-^

Question for: Blake
Question: why are you and Lev a team when Vampires and werewolves are supposed to hate eachother?


Blake: why did you drag me into this Cheyenne?!?!?
Me: 'cause I wanna!
Blake: >.> If someone else asks it, I'll answer then...
Me: DX you're no fun!!!!!!
Blake: ah ah ah none of that little ms. sassy!
Me: Yes MOM!!!!
Blake: >.>

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