Lone Wolf

Lone Wolf

Chapter 1


I tilted my head back and staring at the brightness of the moon, basking in her glow. Making the world around me silver with wonder. I took a deep breath feeling the coolness of the summer night fill my lungs. The wind lifting my hair. I rubbed my hands down my arms against the chilliness. I was about to go back inside when something caught my eye. A wolf. A wolf as black as midnight. I could see the massiveness of him from here, the muscles rippling under his glossy coat as he took another step away from the forest and closer to my balcony. Our eyes met. He seemed so sad, so mournful. I saw the sadness in his stormy grey eyes. Wait. Grey? What wolf has grey eyes? He seemed so human.

He threw his head back and howled. His song told of love, loss, heartache, and death. A tear escaped my eye and trailed down my cheek. When I looked back at him, his eyes were locked on mine and it was like he was telling me not to cry, that he was okay and that this was his burden to bear. He was gone as quickly as he had appeared. I stayed there for a few more moments hoping that he would reappear, but he never did. I turned and entered my bedroom, closing the balcony door, and pulling the curtains closed to block out the moon and her glory. I jumped back in my bed, the warmth and softness of my quilt enveloping me. I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. I dreamed about the wolf.

The wolf
Cameron saw her when he left the forest. She was so beautiful. He liked the fact that she wasn't scared when she seen him in his wolf form. Her eyes had connected with his and it was like she could see directly into his soul. He loved how the moon made her skin and hair shimmer. The moon lit a silver fire underneath her skin. Her hair shown like a raven's wings, blue with the light. He wanted to be in his human form so bad right then, to show her who he really was. He wanted to know her name. He wanted her to be his. He wanted to protect her from the loss, the hurt, the hate he could feel radiating off her perfect skin. He wanted to hold her in his arms, smooth her hair, kiss her forehead.

He took in her features. Bright green cat-like eyes, pink petal lips that were just begging for the touch and pressure of his own. Her features were perfect and graceful, almost elvin. (If you have ever seen the Lord of the Rings movies than you would understand. The elves in that movie are perfect, light skinned and majestic, just plain captivating. It kinda hurts to look at them because of their beauty). Cameron had been with so many women and all he wanted from them was s*x, he used them for his own pleasure not caring how it affected them. But not with her. He just wanted her. He wanted to comfort her when she was sad, calm her when she was angry. Be the one who puts a smile on her face. He just wanted to be around her.

The wind lifted her hair, the breeze bringing the scent pf her to him. He closed his eyes and inhaled. She smelled like strawberries, her skin smelled of pomegranate, but he could still detect the smell of woman. Her distinct smell that was just hers and hers alone. If she ever went missing he could find her, track her down. He could do this by elimiating all other scents but hers and finding her. He would never tire of her smell. He could just bury his nose in her hair and he happy. He could love her. Wait. Did I just say love? I don't love anyone. Not after what happened to Katerina. Not after a Vampire killed his mate and made him watch while he tortured her.

All he could think of was how this woman looked and reminded him of Katerina. He threw his head back and howled. He looked at her when he smelled the salty sweetness of tears. He turned and bounded into the forest. Leaving her behind. He didn't look back as he ran trying to out run her, her beauty, her perfectness.

I rolled over and slapped the OFF button on my annoying, buzzing constanly alarm clock.

"Time for work!" Normally people wouldn't be as excited as me, but I absolutely love my job! I work with stray animals. Its my shop. I mean when I was sixteen, my parents seen how much I loved working with the animals and how upset I got when they were going to close it down. So they bought it for me. They handed me the deeds on Christmas.

I had a twin sister but we were complete opposites. She was always getting arrested, grounded, thrown in detention. She never did her school work. We hated each other. I think that it might have been because our parents loved me more. Sometimes I hated it because they didn't allow me to do anything on my own, they were always paying for everything. So I got a job and payed them back for everything. My parents had a lot of money too. I mean our ancestors founded this town, we owned everything in it. I was spoiled rotten, but nothing bad came out of it. I always payed them back, donated to churches, charities, and small businesses.

My family died in a fire. I was the only one that survived because I wasn't there. It was weird though. Only my parent's room was burned and the bodies were in there also. The bodys were burned of course but not like Rebbecca's she was nothing but a skeleton and ash. I miss them so much. I was at work when it happened. I came home to my parents and sister on stretchers. They wouldn't let me see them with their backened bodies, their tortured faces stuck in silent screams of terror and pain. But I knew it was them, I felt it in my gut.

When I went to claim the bodies, they only showed me my mother's foot where she had a tattoo of trailing stars. They showed me my father's hand where the tattoo of his wedding ring was because he never stopped losing it. I never saw my sister because they already knew it was her by her teeth.

I threw my long black hair into a ponytail. I didn't bother putting on make-up because the dogs just lick it off anyway. I put on a Paws With Flaws t-shirt. It was the logo of the pet store because all the animals no one wanted because they were flawed in some way whether they were missing an ear, a tail, a leg, and eye. They were outcasts. But that didn't mean they weren't special, that their hearts were't just as big. Every animal deserves a good family to love them and take care of them. That's why I loved this shelter so much.


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