1D,Taylor lautner and JB on shots

Heyya do I thought I'd try this do here's it goes:)

Chapter 1

Sticky situation (a 1D one shot)

Beep beep beep

That sound that ruins my life I got out of bed rubbing my eyes .God I hate Monday's .
I got dressed into a light pink dress with black heels and black hairband.
It was only 8 so I went downstairs and grabbed an apple .
"hey ally "called the most anoying person on the planet my brother Andrew .Lets just say my mom had a thing for the letter A.
"What andrea "I teased smirking
"stop calling me that "he whined I swear even though he's 17 he acts 7 .
I grabbed my bag and headed out to my car I'm in 6th year in high school get straight A's and not trying to sound selfish but I'm pretty popular .I'm 18 and single after I dates that moron Drake he was sweet and hit until he put his stupid little hands all over my best friend.
Hannahs great we've been bffs since pre school.

I arrived early so I had time to go over my schedule first class Music yes .
I was joined by Hannah she was wearing a baby blue top and denim shorts with baby pink heels .
"hey Han"I siad
"hey al"she replied
We walked to class together talking about twilight and other things.
I sat in my seat beside this guy called Matthew he's sweet and cute but not my type.
Class began and are teacher still wasn't here everyone started talking .
"I'm sorry I'm late"said a boy crashing threw the door he's books and pages flying everywhere .He had curly hair and a cute face and looked about my age.
Once he got his books together he introduced himeself as Harry styles
"I will be your student teacher for a few months while your teacher is away"he said out of breath
A girl I think her names Sophia put up her hand
"what ate are you"she asked
"18"replie Harry oh well we shall have fun with him.......

(well thanks guys please comment if you want me to continue)


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