true love cannot be stopped

everyone has there own ideas on love but some people say its limited on certain people should love certain people: But can true love really be stopped

Chapter 1

All about me

I walked down the muddy, damp,dusty streets. It was bitter cold outside and nearly christmas, i grabbed the sides of my hoodie and pulled it across my small fragile body.

I lived in a small little house with my mum,my dad, my brother and my nan. We were pretty poor and everyone knew it.

The posh people walked past pushing me on to the other side like i was some dog or animal they no longer gave a care about.

There was a large group of people infront of me blinding my view, i jumped up and down trying to discover the mystery behind the large grouped people.
One last time i thought.

As i jumped everyone moved to the side, thats when i saw him love.

He had charcoal hair and chocolate eyes, one problem he was rich and there for didn't know i existed.

As he walk past he flashed a smile at me, my heart started running marathons and my legs felt as wobbly as jelly.

He smiled at all the girls though, he even made some faint!!

I sighed and tried to push my way through the people. I was trying to get home but none of that mattered to the people covered in fur coats and jewels. Where as i was the opposite a old t-shirt, blazer/jacket and trousers that were ripped in certain places.

I looked at the presents displayed on the shop window seals.
I longed to buy a present to give my loved one: But with him not knowing i exsist and i have no money

how was it possible?

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