Anything but Soft (An original story)

Annalise Parker is an average high school student. Kindof. She loves a thrill, and is a giant risk-taker. She's known as the bravest girl in her school, and is abosolutley anything but soft. But when she meets Jace, a new kid at her school who was fromerly known as wimp, will she take the biggest risk of all, letting someone back into her heart?

Chapter 1


The five year old girl sits in the backseat of he car, strapped into her carseat and licking a lollipop. Her small blonde braids climb down her back like a ladder, and her green eyes sparkle with delight. Every time she licks the swirly, rainbow lollipop, she says the flavor she tastes.
"Cotton candy." She says, smiling.
Of course, she's making them up. All the swirls are the same. But it's a game her and her mother play.
Her mother smiles and looks back at her for a second. "Sounds good, Annalise."
The girl points to the windsheild.
"Mommy why is that car coming toward us?" She asks.
Her mother turns forward and screams, twisting the steering wheel around. The car swerves to the side just as the car slams into the front. Annalise screams as the airbag inflates in her mother's face. There's a loud crack, and her mother goes limp in the front seat. There's blood, and glass flies everywhere. Annalise's lollipop is nowhere to be found. Annalise is crying as a car pulls over. A man gets out and opens the car door.
"Oh my god, oh my god." He says over and over again. He unclips Annalise from her carseat and carefully takes her out of the car. Annalise stares at her mother. The man smiles down at her.
"It's going to be okay." He grabs his phone and presses three buttons. They pick up on the first ring.
"Hello? Ther has been a crash on Highway B. There was a girl and a woman. The girl's fine. The mom-she's not moving."
He's breathing heavily. Annalise walks to her mother and wraps her hand around her mother's pinky finger.
"Mommy, wake up." She says. Who will take care of her? She doesn't have a daddy. The man's blue eyes look down at her.
"She'll be okay," He says, "What's your name?" He asks her.
"Such a pretty name. I'm Will. I'll take good care of you, I promise."
Annalise nods, not understanding at the time that her mom will never wake up.

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