Im in love with the Devil (An ATLA Fan-Fic!!)

Zalia is just a Fire Nation girl, nonbender, and servant to the Fire Lord. . . or so everyone thinks. . .
Secretly a fire bender, she practices in secret. Since, if shes caught, she'll be forced into the army, just like her brother. Every time she practices, shes put at risk, and when shes caught, shes pardoned by the Fire Lord himself. Wanting to find out why. . . she discovers a mysterious thing. . . is her life and her families, at stake?

Chapter 1

Fond of fire. . .

I wiped the sweat of my face with a cloth I found. I had been at it for hours, since I had some free time. I tried again and again to preform a harder move, that Azula had taught me. I know, I know, why would Azula be teaching me? She is, because she caught me one day, and decided to use me for her own purposes. I guess it's not uncommon she'd disobey her father on such trivial matters.

"You'll never get it with that form." A boy's voice rang out across the field. I immediantly turned in that direction and got ready to firebend if needed.

Well, here it goes. "Who are you?" My voice cracked a bit from not having anything to drink for a while. I heard a low chuckle. "Zu-zu." was his answer. I was, at first, cofused, then mentally shook myself. Zuko! I firebended at him and he deflected it easily. "I should turn you in Zalia." He spoke cockily, knowing if he did, I couldn't do anything about it. I stood up straight and put my hands at my sides,and said nothing.

He sighed and walked over. "I know Azula's been teaching you. She told me." I looked away as I replied, "I'm not suprised." He chuckled and put a hand on my shoulder. You should go back, my father wants you." I sighed. Why me? I asked myself and nodded and Zuko bent his head and kissed my forehead. I only half smiled and he let me go.


I walked in and bowed. "Yes, my Lord?"

"Why weren't you here?" he demanded.

"Sir, I. . ."

"You, nothing!" I cringed but did not look up. He sighed, "Very well, I need you to do me a favor."

"What, my Lord?" I inhaled deeply, hoping it wasn't stupid.

"Get my daughter ready for a dance tonight, General Zhou is back and shes agreed to let him take her."

"Of course, sir. Anything else?"

"I want to take you to the dance. Do not agree just because i'm the Firelord. Agree if it's alright with you."

"I wasn't planning on going sir." I looked up and met his eyes, he looked. . . calm.

"Alright, after you get Azula ready, you have tommorrow off." His words were kind and I nodded and headed off to get Azula ready.


Since I had time off, I had immediatly headed to the clearing when I woke up. I'd been practicing for hours and was taking a break.

"Zalia!!" I froze. Oh god, he found out. I turned to face the Firelord and he looked mad, no more then mad . . . ready to kill. He walked over quickly. "Zuko told me everything!" I cringed, and tried to say something but choked on my words. . . all that came out was sort of strangled sound.

He grabbed me by the throat and my only thoughts were, Can'tbreathcan'tbreathcan'tbreath! I grabbed his wrist and burned him and he let go and hit me with the back of his hand. I fell onto the ground and scrambled back and away from him.

He shot a ball of flame near my head and i felt the flames lick my ear but not burn me. I scrambled farther away. "Fight me you coward!" he yelled.

He had challenged me to an Agni Kai.


Thanks for reading, I decided to try something I think is not that common, and you will see what. Forgive me for any misspelled names and words and this is not following the story line of the show, it's its own storyline. :P

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